deVOL's new furniture will transform your kitchen into a Victorian stately home

Nineteenth-century design ideas are reshaping modern kitchen trends for seasons ahead

Victorian kitchen in Lanhydrock House, Cornwall, designed by deVOL
(Image credit: deVOL)

Is the future of kitchen design rooted in the past? deVOL would suggest so. The kitchen powerhouse is paying homage to Victorian regency through their Heirloom Collection that is inspired by historic places – such as Lanhydrock House in Cornwall. 

The question of sustainability continues to reshape modern kitchen ideas, but to find the answer, deVOL has looked back to a time when things were 'made to last a lifetime,' and nothing was throwaway. The result is the new collection that consists of carefully considered pieces of furniture and accessories that ooze an unmistakable nineteenth-century aesthetic. 

And, while this may seem like a step away from contemporary kitchen trends, one could argue that this historical style is the modern decorating idea that will struggle to go out of style, whatever the year. 

Victorian kitchen in Lanhydrock House, Cornwall, designed by deVOL

(Image credit: deVOL)

'This is not just the application of period moldings to a conventional kitchen; it is a new approach to how a kitchen should be designed,' deVOL shares. 

The open nature and large scale of the furniture in this range challenge what we normally want from a kitchen and embraces the idea of it being a hard-working space to be used in a traditional kind of way,' they add. 

Lanhydrock House kitchen in Cornwall

(Image credit: deVOL)

But how does this collection promote sustainability? As deVOL notes, Victorian pieces were created to combine practicality and functionality at a time when cooking and food preparation were more labor-intensive than they are today. The items stored were for the purposes of preparing or serving food and everything needed to be close to hand – and these pieces would last for years, despite enduring wear and tear. 

So, while you're making the investment now – you can enjoy the pieces for seasons (and generations) to come.

deVOL celebrates this ethos through the entire collection; however, stand-outs include the DairyTable that is made from stained European oak. Meanwhile, the accessories include a light, chair, and tableware that are made to 'create truly authentic rooms full of soul and a sense of history.' 

Victorian kitchen in Lanhydrock House, Cornwall, designed by deVOL

(Image credit: deVOL)

This table, like most of the collection, is inspired by Lanhydrock House in Cornwall – because the only thing more beautiful than Victorian regency are those inspired by the southern English coastline. 

'It's hard to better the whole concept of these rooms, their austere beauty, and their supreme functionality and most importantly, their ability to feel totally current,' deVOL shares in their discussion of the eternal kitchen trend

You can shop Heirloom Collection via deVOL's website. 

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