Courteney Cox’s Sell-out Candle is Back on Sale — "It’s Literally the Perfect Scent For Spring"

Returning thanks to popular demand and for good reason - Courteney Cox's Homecourt candle scent is exhilaratingly aromatic

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A little springtime self-care may be in order and it's all thanks to Courteney Cox. Only this time the self-care will be catered to your homes (which is technically a treat for you too). After selling out of their limited edition Mandarin Basile collection within just a month of its release early last year, fans of the Homecourt brand were disheartened to find that the collection was no longer available. Lucky for us, Courteney caught wind of the range's popularity and Homecourt announced the collection's comeback on Instagram just in time for spring.

This wonderful home fragrance is scented with notes of fresh green basil, sparkling mandarin, spiced ginger, and ripe fig, the collection of fragranced home care aimed to emulate the experience of strolling through an herb garden. Alison Genet, founder of Santa Barbara Apothecary Co. tells us that whenever she thinks of the Mandarin Basile fragrance blend, she thinks of a bright sunroom or a fresh kitchen. 'These scents are wonderful for spring as they can enhance the sense of renewal and vitality that the season brings. There is no wrong location, as this scent can create a welcoming and lively atmosphere anywhere,' says Alison.

You can tell that all Homecourt products are the best home scents for Spring. If all of this wasn't reason enough for us to be fans of the brand, they have put sustainability at the forefront of their policies.

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The clean-burning candles boasting 60 hours of burn time are formulated with a soy wax blend and hand-poured into ceramic vessels. The cleaning products are infused with coconut-derived degreasers and surfactants, all packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) bottles with reusable pumps. Respectably sustainable and fabulously fragranced to make your home smell amazing, Homecourt is doing it right.

Currently available for pre-order on the Homecourt website, the collection features a surface cleaner, dish soap, hand wash, and a candle. All of the aforementioned products are sold separately but they are also available in a hosting set and a kitchen trio.

The serenely-scented Mandarin Basile Homecourt Collection

The Mandarin Basile range is due to ship out in early April however, if you're interested in getting a whiff of the magical scents Homecourt has to offer right away, there are a couple of other scented ranges that have rave reviews. Courteney's personal favorite is the Cece range featuring an aromatic blend of cedarwood smoke, sweet cardamom, and white leather fragrances. Inspired by the enchanting scent of Moroccan mint tea, the Cipres Mint range might work especially well if you're looking to scent your bathroom for a spa-like atmosphere.

Concocted with notes of rosewater, Egyptian geranium, Comorian ylang-ylang, Guiacwood, and a touch of vanilla, the Steeped Rose collection is a go-to for fans of floral fragrances. The Neroli Leaf collection includes notes of sparkling apples, neroli blossoms, crushed basil leaves, and jasmine petals to emulate a grove of flowering citrus trees. We especially like their Neroli Leaf soy wax candle and find the aroma to be particularly invigorating.

Homecourt has a scent for everyone, no matter your home fragrance preferences and if last year is proof of what's to come, then we'd suggest opting to pre-order so that you can get your hands on what Courteney justifiably calls 'beauty products for your home'.

Some of our other favourites from Homecourt

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