This Giant Double Sectional is Going Viral for Its Luxury Look and Size (But You'll Never Guess Where It's Actually From)

TikTok is loving this massive cream-colored sectional. And what if I told you it's not nearly as expensive as you think it is?

white sectional sofa on a colorful background
(Image credit: Costco)

As your chronically online style editor, it is my job to excavate and extrapolate trends and viral products before they take over entirely so that you, dear reader, have the chance to buy said product before anyone else. I've always loved perusing Twitter and TikTok in my free time, but now I do so with a new lens: What genius idea here can I recommend to the Livingetc shopper?

Today, following a lengthy and fruitful scroll, I bring you something that's not from one of the best home decor brands, but certainly looks like it is. It has the luxurious look and feel of a piece that's twice its price and half its size. And you'll never guess where I've found it.

Does the phrase 'Kirkland's Best' mean anything to you?

That's right. The internet's current favorite sofa — a gorgeous double sectional, mind you — is from Costco. And it could be one of the best couches on the block these days.


♬ Can I Call You Rose? - Thee Sacred Souls

With over 30,000 likes, it's safe to say that this TikTok may have helped popularize the gorgeous budget sofa, available now for just $2,000. While that is, of course, a lot of money, it is a HUGE deal for a sofa of this size and quality. The customer reviews are nothing but positive (4.5/5-stars across 103 reviews), and it's modular, meaning you can configure it however works best for your space.

'Shocked by this!' said Nina Takesh, a designer with 340,000 followers, in a repost of the video above. 'Henredon is such a great brand.'


♬ Can I Call You Rose? - Thee Sacred Souls

'This was definitely a score!' add creators Sky & KJ in a separate video with over 15,000 views. 'Gorgeous sectional sofa at a great price!'


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