This $10 buy is the one thing people with welcoming, great-smelling entryways always have up during fall

This simple and inexpensive trick will invite fall into your home and make your space smell amazing

A warm and welcoming entryway
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Fall can feel like a bit of an in-between season. Once we're over the mourning of summer, preparation for Christmas soon begins. As a result, we hardly appreciate fall for the beautiful season that it is, and our home lacks the appropriate decor needed to get us into the autumnal spirit. 

Well, that's all about to change. We've discovered a product that will instantly give your home a touch of fall magic while also helping an entryway smell amazing, and it costs from $10 to $30, depending on the size and where you buy it. 

If you want to avoid disrupting your cozy home with cliche ideas or synthetic-scented candles, an all-natural scented "cinnamon broom" will adorn your home perfectly as we transition from fall to winter. You'll love how cozy and inviting this inexpensive fall decor idea is, you might even buy one for every room.

Fall decor is a difficult trend to nail. Often our options are limited to plastic Halloween decorations or faux garlands of fall leaves. For most of us, this isn't the vibe we're trying to emulate in our home, but this doesn't mean we should bypass fall decorating entirely. 

Cinnamon brooms are an age-old trick to achieve that cozy decor we want in our homes this season and despite what you may initially think, they aren't actually intended for sweeping at all. Made of sweetly scented heather, they're the perfect way to introduce some rustic fall decor to your home while also doubling up as a great idea for how to make a house smell good

Of course, when it comes to best candle scents for fall that create a welcoming environment, cinnamon is often top of the list, so it makes sense here too. Simply give your broom a little brush and it will release its fragrance into the room, or add one near your fireplace to enhance the scent. If the warm scent of cinnamon isn't to your taste there are other alternatives available. This apple splendor fragranced broom from Amazon is another great option for a seasonal scent. 

cinnamon broom

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Cinnamon is also associated with abundance rituals, especially in the entryway, so bringing a cinnamon broom into your home can hardly hurt. The belief that this spice invites abundance and prosperity has been around for centuries. 

'The scent of cinnamon is believed to attract prosperity and ward off scarcity,' says spiritual expert and blogger at The Wisdom of the Spirit, Sophia Rose. 'It dates back centuries to folk magic practices in various cultures.' Although a cinnamon broom is a more modern iteration, we're willing to believe it will still have a positive impact on the energy of our space.

If you're still skeptical about how to incorporate one into your space, we're here to tell you that there are plenty of ways to do so. The good news is they come in a range of different sizes; a regular-sized cinnamon broom would look great propped up in the corner of your kitchen or entryway, while smaller ones could be arranged in a vase in your cozy living room. There are even tiny ones to put on your coffee table!

Ready to sweep some fall vibes into your home? Fragranced brooms are a great way to give a nod to fall decor without sacrificing style or aesthetics, and we love how they add a comforting natural scent to your space. 

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