5 style lessons to steal from Bar La Rampa, a Cuban-inspired party paradise near Oxford Circus, London

With limewashed walls, Azulejo tiles, and cool curved sofas, this Havanan hangout epitomizes South American cool in the heart of the capital

Bar La Rampa
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Introducing Bar La Rampa, a vintage Havanan kingdom amid the beating heart of London’s party neighborhood. This is the place where rumbas and mojitos meet rustic interior design trends – a rare combination that is inevitably fueling our disco-esque dreams. 

However, if the Edwardian facades of Oxford Circus remain distant, there is still a way to bring Bar La Rampa’s best assets into your interiors (rum cocktails sadly not included). 

Here, we list the five most noteworthy features to spark your modern home decor ideas. The future of design is found when the 1950s meets a modern biophilic aesthetic, after all. 

1. Make a statement with a paneled mural

Bar La Rampa

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Murals are among the most timeless design features of our age, but Bar La Rampa has found a contemporary twist. Enter the paneled mural – the modern answer to the ancient craze – and your home’s new focal point. 

Combining a tropical botanical print with rustic wooden tones, this paneled mural will elevate your space into an escapist haven in the trendiest way possible. There’s a reason why panels are so popular, and with Bar La Rampa, we can certainly see why. 

2. Provoke a party atmosphere through a wavy sofa  

Bar La Rampa

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While the primary use of a sofa is practical, there is no reason you should sacrifice style in the name of comfort. Thankfully, Bar La Rampa knows this too. 

For a fashionable solution, follow their lead and invest in a wavy sofa that reinforces the space’s lighthearted atmosphere whilst offering a practical place to eat, drink, and (get ready to) dance. We’ve never felt so convinced to invest in fun-filled furniture.  

3.  Embrace the limewashed paint trend 

Bar La Rampa

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If you spend your days lusting over interior-focused Instagrams, then you may already recognize the wall trend of the moment: lime washing. Like murals, this ancient craze is taking over the trendiest of homes – combining century-old painted wall ideas with an imperfect finish that looks distressed but beyond chic. 

Provoking an aged ambiance, this trend epitomizes Bar La Rampa’s vintage style through one of the most sought-after crazes of the contemporary day.  

4.  Bless your (home) bar with rattan 

Rattan bar

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While rattan is most closely associated with the 70s, the material of the moment remains ever-so-fitting among Bar La Rampa’s 1950s aesthetic. Naturally, the most stylish way to embrace rattan lies in the other trend of the year, home bars, which continue to thrive beyond the pandemic. 

Whether you drench your bar rattan’s retro hues or invest in a rattan chair to crown the space in style – your home bar will surely thank you for getting involved. 

5. Crown your escapist space with Azulejos tiles 

Bar La Rampa

(Image credit: @charliemckay _ )

Perhaps the most impactful way to embrace Bar La Rampa’s South American style is through Azulejos tiles. These colorful jewels offer an unrivaled nod to escapism that will fill your interiors – and exteriors – with nostalgic memories of distant shores and sunnier seasons. This is the hallway flooring idea your wanderlust self deserves.

Bar La Rampa, 7/8 Market Pl, London W1W 8AG. 

Megan Slack

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