5 style lessons to steal from b_together, a biophilic utopia near Camden, London

We're taking inspiration from this leafy jungle amid a rainbow-kissed urban postcode in the capital

b_together lounge with plants and rattan chairs
(Image credit: b_together)

Flowing with retro rattan pieces, palm branches, and an abundance of Tommy's Margaritas, b_together is a botanical paradise situated in one of London's most kaleidoscopic districts. A haven for creatives of all ages, the space was designed by child learning developer Maggie Bolger, who curated the space as a family destination, complete with workspaces, child play areas, and a brasserie. 

Yes, b_together is the most refreshingly unorthodox location out there – and our modern home decor ideas have never felt quite so exciting. 

So, what can we learn from St John's Wood's latest eco-friendly opening – and how can we mirror its style in our homes? Here are five lessons to get started. 

1. Exhibit Moroccan-style Zellige Tiles 

Green toned tiles in b_together bistro

(Image credit: b_together)

When it comes to kitchen and beautiful bathroom tile ideas, there is no aesthetic quite so alluring as Zellige Tiles. Originally hailing from Morocco, these toned jewels are often handmade – and are available in a range of diverse shapes and sizes – all of which celebrate the ever-popular interior's style, escapism

B_together showcases this rustic craze through emerald-hued tiles along its bar – and we're wholly inspired to bring this design (and a new home bar) into our schemes. Happy hour is about to feel a whole lot happier, thanks to our new favorite tile trend. 

2. Accentuate biophilic beauty with verdant hues 

Dark green paint and plants in dining space in b_together

(Image credit: b_together)

Perhaps the most notable design lesson you can mirror from b_together is its use of biophilia. The urban maze is a beryl-glazed jungle brimming with vast palms and cheese plants, which are inspiring itself. 

However, you can take the look one step further by pairing these leaves with a rich biophilic paint palette that compliments the organic accessories and reinforces the space's focus on sustainability. 

Plus, when it comes to paint ideas, green remains among the most popular of the year, so you have all the permission you need to pick up the brush. 

3. Curate your zone with strategic task lighting  

Black light fitting in dark dining room in b_together

(Image credit: b_together)

If 'task lighting' already sounds familiar, it is because we've already written a love letter to this industry-approved technique with accent lighting advocate and founder of Buster + Punch, Massimo Buster Minale. 

Task lighting uses strategically placed lights to illuminate specific pockets of a space for a certain purpose, rather than lighting the whole room, including areas that are rarely used. This method promotes a boutique ambiance that is a favorite among hotels and restaurants alike, and now, b_together is following suit. 

We can recreate this look by using more focused fixtures that drench a specific area in light while the rest of the room is left darker – as demonstrated above. 

4. Overindulge in retro rattan  

Rattan chairs and plants in b_together

(Image credit: b_together)

It's no secret that we've already reshaped our bedroom and rustic living room ideas around the trend of the season, rattan. However, this 70's inspired craze shows no signs of wavering. 

Among the chicest ways to pay homage to this enduring material is with a rattan chair, as seen throughout b_together's bar and bistro. 

Even Camden's colorful cobbles can't help but indulge in rattan's beautiful neutral hues, so of course, it is only right that the rest of the world also welcomes this timeless furnishing. 

5. Get playful with multifunctional furniture  

Large wooden furniture in nursey in b_together

(Image credit: b_together)

Alongside these stylish design tricks, we're similarly taking notes from b_together's ingenious injection of playful yet-purpose furniture, as seen in the children's play area. For homes with young children, these fun-filled pieces offer a lighthearted twist on furniture that breaks up conventions whilst acting as seats or storage spaces. 

These circular pieces can be rearranged to fit any purpose – making them a wonderfully whimsical playroom idea

More information about b_together is available via their website. It is located at 47 St John's Wood High St, London NW8 7NJ. 

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