Stair Runner Colors That Make Your Entryway - And Entire Home! - Look Expensive

Picking exactly the right stair runner color can elevate your whole home, making it all look so much more expensive. Experts explain how to choose

wooden staircase with neutral stair runner by Ryan Street
(Image credit: Ryan Street Interiors/Julie Soefer)

Your entryway is the first thing you - and your guests - will see on arrival to your home, so it needs to set the tone for the rest of your space. Using expensive looking colors for stair runners can help to ensure you make a good impression from the moment the front door swings open.

Stair runners allow you to add color, texture and pattern to create a stylish entryway that's also welcoming and practical.

'Adding luxe elements like leather binding and nailheads elevate the look,' says  interior designer Liz Potarazu, of the Maryland-based interior design firm LP & CO. But before we get there, lets look at the hues themselves, the tones which instantly give you a sense of luxury. 

What are the most expensive looking colors for stair runners?

These expensive looking stair runner colors will ensure you're taking the right step when it comes to elevating your entryway.

1. Beige

wood staircase with neutral stair runner by LP & Co

(Image credit: LP & Co/Angela Newton Roy Photography)

A stair runner in a neutral beige hue will always offer a classic, timeless aesthetic that will work to make your staircase look better

Choose a natural material like sisal or jute for an on-trend look that's also ideal for high-traffic areas. 

Liz Potarazu, of the Maryland-based interior design firm LP & CO, says: 'You can never go wrong with neutrals for your stair runner. 

'This neutral option (above) is anything but boring because of its woven pattern, which adds texture and interest, while still complementing the home’s other décor. This particular project used a faux-leather, so we were able to achieve a high-end look at a lower price point.'

Another stylish idea is to opt for a neutral stair runner with a subtle stripe to add texture and a soft pattern to a minimalist space, as seen in the stunning entryway by Ryan Street Interiors below.

wooden staircase with neutral stair runner by Ryan Street

(Image credit: Ryan Street Interiors/Julie Soefer)

2. Black

black stair runner in dark hallway

(Image credit: James Merrell)

If you're worried black will be too severe for a stair runner, think again. It makes a design-forward contrast to a white painted staircase and offers a sleek, smart finish in any hallway. What's more, it's a good practical option.

Wayfair's Dee Fontenot says: 'Classic, cool undertones are a great place to start: a deep inky black will offset a crisp monochromatic scheme to offer an elevated and contemporary look, and will be best for high traffic areas and busy households.

'Accessorize with contrasting brushed brass stair rods for a stylish nod to tradition, without feeling stuffy.'

3. Blush

blush pink stair runner on white painted staircase

(Image credit: Davide Lovati)

Make an impact without a dramatic color statement with a warm and welcoming  blush pink stair runner.

Offering a soft and sophisticated style, blush pink is the ideal alternative to white or cream for anyone that is worried about keeping it clean.

'For a look that feels instantly luxe, opt for a warm blush pink stair runner in a deep pile,' says Wayfair's Dee Fontenot. 'For a bolder choice, overlay on top of dark, anthracite floorboards or opt for a thicker weave with contrasting piping, in hot pink or cooling grey.'

Alternatively, lay a blush pink stair runner over white painted stairs to keep things fresh and crisp yet inviting, as above.

4. Gray

grey stair case runner in grey hallway by Little Greene

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Elegant, versatile and upscale, a gray stair runner will never date and is a practical choice that can withstand the lifestyle of a busy family home.

'A classic hue that will elevate any space, a gray stair runner is an easy way to elevate an entryway, and looks smart when paired with lighter or darker tones of the same color,' says Dee Fontenot.

Choose a plain gray for a sleek look, or introduce another shade with a side trim for a subtle color pop and nod to other hues in the room for a cohesive, balanced space.

grey stair runner in blue entryway with patterned tiled flooring by Bert & May

(Image credit: Bert & May)

5. White

white stair runner in grey hallway by Farrow & Ball

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

But what about the dirt, we hear you cry. Yes, admittedly, this is one for fastidious cleaners or anyone with a no-shoes house rule.

But, if kept pristine, a cream or white stair runner can offer an upscale look, especially when used to contrast a dark hallway or dark painted staircase.

What is the best color for a stair runner?

The best color for a stair runner comes down to your own personal preference and style. But we love a stair runner in a neutral hue made with a natural fiber like jute, wool or sisal to add texture, comfort and a timeless appeal.

Are stair runners in style?

Stair runners are definitely in style and have a classic, timeless allure that will elevate any hallway, from modern to period style.

Not only can they work to elevate a space, a stair or runner is a good idea as it will add comfort underfoot, protect your wooden staircase from wear and tear, and add color, pattern and texture to your entryway.

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