What kinds of sofas are in style for 2024? The 5 looks designers are obsessing over right now

As we approach 2024, these are the sofa trends that will be coming with us to define our living spaces in coming months

A curved fluted sofa in blue
(Image credit: Francis Amiand. Design: Humbert & Poyet)

Fall is a natural time to reflect on the trends that have come and gone throughout the year. From those that have really taken off, to the more unsuccessful trends of the year, 2024 has seen its fair share of new design styles movements and looks.

There have been a couple of sofa trends that we've seen recently that certainly will be left behind as we enter the near year (cloud sofas to name one particular look I'm happy to see the back of), but there are five that spring to mind for me as having that enduring appeal and feel truly timeless. A sofa is a statement piece, so we want to continue to love it for years to come. Here are the interior design trends to watch for your living room as we go into 2024.

1. The channel-tufted look

A channel tufted sofa

(Image credit: Stine Christiansen Design: Nuura)

An overarching theme for 2023 has been 'fluting everywhere' and I for one am a huge fan of the look. The channel-tufted or fluted look works on larger pieces of upholstered furniture too, and as the design world embraces fluting in its entirety, sofas are another place where designers can experiment. The fluted sofa look isn't brand new, with roots in mid-century design, but I predict it will be one of the sofa trends working its way into the new year. 

The channel-tufted sofa look is distinctive with its vertical stripes that bring texture to your sofa. The vertical stitching feels like an evolution of the Chesterfield sofa that plays with the way the upholstery is stitched to the frame of the sofa to bring curves, texture, and cast shadow on the fabric, making for a perfect focal point in your living room

In terms of sofa trends, this look is modern, yet has its roots in the 1970s aesthetic - a look that has proven popular over the course of 2023. The fluted, low-profile look has a real mid-century flair and reminds me of the one-of-a-kind sectional sofa designed in 1972 by Ueli Berger, Eleonora Peduzzi Riva, Hans Ulrich and Klaus Vogt for De Sede, the Snake Sofa - a great example of mid-century furniture design in its heyday. 

'This sofa makes a statement in the space by seamlessly combining form and function,' adds Christophe Poyet and Emil Humbert, designers and founders of Humbert & Poyet. 'Using a large, fluted sofa in an interior design project can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space.'

2. Low profile sofas

A low profile sofa

(Image credit: Richard Powers. Design: Michael Del Piero)

Low-profile living room sofas are also proving seriously popular. From the big-name Italian furniture houses right the way through to the high street brands, there is something slick and cool about the low-profile look. It feels effortless and can even create the illusion that we have more wall space than we do - helping a room to look bigger and brighter. They also have a distinct mid to late-century feel about them which is certainly very 'now'.

'Low profile sofas make a room feel more open and evoke a 70s lounge vibe,' says Marshall Shuster, architect and designer at Mesarch Studio - a Brooklyn based design office. 

I also love the fact that the low profile, sofa has sprung the need for low profile C-shape end tables that curve around the sofa and give you a surface to place a cup of coffee or glass of wine. They are a super cute addition that I think we'll see more of as we enter the new year.

3. Modular sofas

Channel-tufted modular sofa

(Image credit: Blå Station)

Modular, living room sectional pieces have been popular throughout the year and look to continue to be so as we approach 2024.

This flexibility and style of design means the modular look adapts to any living space. Comprising of straight and/or curved modules, you can create the shape you desire, giving you a snaking look that can weave throughout your home. Blå Station's BOB Sofa is one such design (above). ‘It’s like LEGO for designers,’ says Johan Lindau design manager and CEO of BLA Station.

'We wanted a new seat and sofa system, which consists of as few parts as possible but could generate as many configurations as possible. BOB was born - a new way of building a seating system. The individual modules create a fluted effect and their multiple shapes allow for countless possibilities.

'Like children playing with LEGO, BOB´s playfulness has become a way for designers to give personality to a room, with its form, color and texture.'

4. Dual-aspect sofas

A Mesura dual aspect sofa

(Image credit: Mesura)

I've enjoyed the living room trend for placing a statement sofa in the center of the room, using it as a piece that can be admired and used from all angles. Instead of the classic look whereby a sofa is placed flush against the wall, the dual aspect version makes the most of all spaces, zoning the room and offering two views. 

'In open spaces, think of these sofas as bridges,' says Artem Kropvinsky, founder and principal director at New York studio, Arsight. 'They effortlessly connect different parts of a room. These sofas aren't just about looks, they're about making our homes more adaptable and user-friendly. 'They bring a fresh, modern touch, making any room feel updated yet cozy at the same time.' 

As city living gets busier, our homes and offices start to blend. Furniture that serves more than one purpose, like these sofas, becomes a smart choice. 'Years in design have taught me one thing: the best designs are both pretty and practical, and these sofas hit the mark on both,' says Artem.

5. High pile upholstery

A high pile upholstered sofa

(Image credit: Tim Lenz. Design: MK WORKSHOP)

Finally, we're starting to see the back of bouclé, but what is replacing bouclé? Enter a fluffier, shaggier alternative - high pile, shearling upholstery. Sheepskin isn't actually the skin of a sheep, but a high pile, textured material that is perfect for a statement sofa. It brings such coziness to the home, and the designers are happy to use natural fluffy materials to really turn living rooms into a comfy space. 

It's also known for its practical benefits, and can regulate temperature by trapping air in its fibers, so it's not just a material for the winter months. 

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