Small bedroom organization ideas – 10 tips for creating a clutter-free retreat

These expert-recommended small bedroom organization ideas can help you create a practical and tidy boudoir

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Small bedroom organization ideas can be fun to put together. With the right storage ideas and tools, you can turn your bite-sized room into a comfortable, practical retreat. 

When thinking of small bedroom ideas, the main issue you need to resolve is how to get the maximum out of this space. Storage is key, of course.

'Concealed storage too can make a room feel less busy. It can also boost the expanse of the room,' says Lina Galvao, interior designer, Curated Nest Interiors. 'Choosing smart storage solutions and objects that do double duty is key for small spaces.' 

But it's not just about the storage furniture you choose, but also the way you organize it. Drawer organizers, hooks and baskets can go a long way in reducing clutter.

These ideas will help you get the very most from your storage potential in a small bedroom, from tips for decluttering your space to keeping drawers well kept, closet organization ideas and more. 

Creative small bedroom organization ideas to try 

1. Start by decluttering a small bedroom

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Before you begin the journey of organizing your small bedroom, take a step back and look at your bedroom, and its content, in its entirety. Take note of doubles and extras of anything that you may have. The best way is to take a minimalist approach to your bedroom design. The more decluttered your bedroom is, the cleaner, neater, and bigger it will look.

With the right small bedroom layout, you'll most likely just need a few essentials to make it comfortable. 'Keep the furniture minimal and functional,' say Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera, principal designers and co-founders of Quirk Studio. 'The essential elements are the bed, a side table, a chest of drawers for storage, a wardrobe, and if you need it, then a television unit.' 

Another idea that works is downsizing. 'Make sure your furniture is the right scale for your space. Avoid bulky or heavy pieces that will take up a lot of physical and visual space,' says Curated Nest's Lina. 'And, if your ceilings are not super high, introduce tall or vertical items to draw your eye up to the ceiling and make the space feel bigger. Long drapes, tall bookshelves, a tall plant are great options.'

2. Use hooks to hang everything in your small bedroom 

a small bedroom with wall hooks in a hotel

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Wall hooks can be highly functional in organizing small bedrooms. These provide a system for hanging clothes, bags, scarves, to even shoes and towels. And, they keep the clutter off the bed and the floor and allow you to stow everything in an orderly manner. The smallest, hard-working, nifty small bedroom storage solutions!

Simple hook ideas like peg rail are perennially popular, but many contemporary designers are creating hooks that are as decorative as they are functional. These look great when grouped, dancing up a wall. 

3. Better utilize under-the-bed area for storage

Calm the visual noise in your bedroom by hiding papers, magazines, video game controllers, and electronics. These items may seem small but together can create mayhem in a bedroom.

Make the most out of your small bedroom storage ideas by using the space under the bed. This is a place guests rarely notice, and you'll be surprised at how useful it can be to have storage here. Purchase plastic containers, cardboard boxes, and more, and keep all the bedroom clutter inside them. 

If you're planning on storing several things under a non-divan bed, you may want to consider options to hide it, such as a valance. Back in the day, these were designed as pragmatic extensions to hide all things unsightly, like the bed frame, mattress, and box spring. Cascading to the floor, valance helped veil the dust collecting under the bed. These also would stop the chilly drafts from making their way up the underside of the bed. 

Valances don't have to be frilly and ornate either, you can find modern linen valances that will suit more contemporary spaces. 

4. Go for multifunctional furniture to organize your small bedroom 

bedroom with bunk beds with storage under them

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Modular, reconfigurable, multifunctional pieces are the perfect organizational solutions for modern small bedroom ideas as these do double duty, and help clear clutter without taking up much space. 

Many daybeds, for example, also have plenty of storage space underneath – beddings, pillows, and quilts can be easily kept inside these during the day. 

'If storage is pivotal, pick a divan over a classic bed frame; this will allow you to maximize the storage space available without taking up any additional floor space,' says Adam Black, designer for Button & Sprung. 'Drawer storage can seamlessly blend within the divan base to safely store any bedroom essentials. Alternatively, you can opt for an ottoman bed – this allows for instant storage via a mechanical lifting system. Ideal for larger, bulkier items, storage is located within the base of the bed rather than split into individual compartments or drawers.'

A storage unit that folds out into a desk and bookcase is a smart small bedroom storage solution as well, tailored to keep the look of the bedroom organized and neat.

5. Use closet organizers to make the most of storage space

small bedroom organization ideas with a built-in closet with stroage shelves

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Even if you've only got a small closet to work with, it doesn't mean you don't have enough space to keep everything you own in an orderly manner. You can also achieve this without spending a fortune on new built-in systems. 

From slim felt hangers to keep clothes from slipping to acrylic file folders for handbags and wallets, there are several hacks to maximize your closet’s footprint. Separate your cupboard into different-sized hanging spaces, so you have dedicated areas for different clothes such as tees, pants and dresses. Pick up jewelry and watch organizers so these small items don't go astray too.  

'Drawer dividers for your pile of t-shirts ensure your clothing remains stacked,' says Nishita. 'Individual shoeboxes for each pair ensure all the shoes are together and can be stacked on top of each other.'  

6. Hide shoes inside box beds or shelves to neaten up a small bedroom

a bed inside an alcove and storage under the bed

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When it comes to small bedroom organization ideas, shoes feature on the top of the list of things that need to be dealt with. This is especially hard in studio bedrooms with even less space available. 

A dedicated drawer to store all your shoes is probably the easiest solution to end your shoe storage woes. You can place one right beside your bedroom entrance so that the shelf is not immediately visible as you survey the room. 

Consider adding built-in storage ideas in the corners of the room to fit the exact measurements of the space. You can attach a door to the shelf and paint it the same color as the walls to mask its existence.

If you don't have the space for an extra shelf or cupboard, it's best to hide the shoes inside your box bed so they're completely out of sight. 

7. Organize the small bedroom by filling up the space above the cabinets 

a built-in wardrobe with tongue and groove MDF doors

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Another way to up your closet's storage potential is to look at the underutilized space above it. After all, when you've only got a small closet to play with, every square inch matters. Consider adding racks or containers here to store miscellaneous things that you don't need often, otherwise, every day will be a struggle 

You could add recessed spotlights above your cabinet so your belongings aren't in complete darkness. Keep a ladder handy at home to access the top.

8. Use baskets and trays to group your miscellaneous objects

small bedroom organisation ideas with basket for clothes and a white rocking chair

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When things have a destination, it's difficult for them to be lost. Give everything a place, and if you can't find an appropriate one or don't have the space for it, let it go inside baskets.

These act as the perfect storage units for anything and everything – from books, linens, accessories, remotes, and laundry and stationery. Just pop everything here and call it a day. These work especially well as a kids' bedroom idea with the ever-growing clutter of toys and books.

If you have too many baskets and feel they're disturbing the neatness of your room, you can hide them inside your closet or position them just outside your bedroom. 

Alternatively, trunks do well as small storage units too. 'Add a vintage trunk at the foot of your bed for extra wardrobe space or to store bed linen,' says Martin Waller, design head, Andrew Martin. 'Acrylic boxes or plinths can be used to hold your favorite pieces.'

9. Turn to flexible furniture pieces for organization

a trolly used for holding curios

Trolleys or carts can a useful addition to small bedroom organization. Whether vintage or modern in style, a cart can double as a side table, snack tray, or magazine rack. It can be wheeled from room to room, serving different functions. It provides a surface area to keep things on and can be removed from the room if it gets too cluttered.

While the market is flooded with a wide variety of carts, making one can be a fun, weekend project. Rummage through your garage and give a wooden cart a quick coat of paint. Sand the wood and use primer before applying hard-wearing gloss-or satin-finish paint. Oil the wheels and there you have it – your very own upcycled treasure ideal for your small bedroom needs.

You can use the cart as an occasional table in the bedroom for placing the coffee mug or a food plate. It can also be a perching spot for a lamp, books, or a jug of water. Another use is as a dressing table. You simply need to install a mirror on the wall, and use your cart to store all your make makeup essentials. Once you're done, it can be rolled out of the room. 

10. Use organization tips to keep your floor free from clutter

a neutral bedroom, with orange headboard and white, empty flooring

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Freeing up the floor area is a great way to make a small bedroom look bigger. This is because your eyes can travel around the space and take in more of the visuals. This tricks the eyes into believing that that room is larger. 

Choose table lamps instead of floor lamps, choose floating beds, get rid of bean bags, and open up as much walkable area as possible. With lesser clutter on the floor, it'll be easier to keep your small bedroom organized and give it a neat look.

How do I organize a small bedroom with too much stuff?

small bedroom organization ideas with an all-yellow bedroom and glass panels surrounding it

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Before organizing your small bedroom, you must first purge it of anything that you do not require. Make a note of things you haven't used in a year; chances are you never will too. Toss them in a recycling or donation bag.

Some great organizing tools for small bedrooms are hooks and baskets. Hooks help you remove all the floor clutter and hang everything on walls or wardrobes. These encourage you to find a place for everything. For other miscellaneous things, baskets are great as these can be the perfect dumping grounds for things that don't have a place. 

Wardrobe organizers can help you segregate your clothes and accessories and store them neatly. Jewelry and watch boxes can help you keep these precious items neatly and safely.

For more bedroom storage ideas, look for the extra area under your bed and above your cupboard. Utilize these precious spaces for storage. Keep boxes and bags here and store all your bedroom essentials in them. 'All in one platform beds with storage and nightstands too are great. And, they take up very little space,' says Stephanie Andrews, interior designer at Balance Design.

Finally, consider investing in flexible furniture pieces, ideally those on wheels that can be moved in and out of the room. These provide a countertop surface for storing things and can be taken out of the room when not needed. 

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