5 Lessons We Learned From the Reese Witherspoon Kitchen Organization Makeover with The Home Edit

These basic yet essential organization tips will leave you with a stunningly tidy kitchen and have you saying: 'What? Like, it’s hard?'

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There's nothing like a beautifully organized kitchen to add to the visual appeal of a modern home. A space that's meant to be storage-friendly and chockful of items, a well-planned kitchen carries transformative abilities.

A little bit of intentional organization can take the space from visually cluttered to satisfyingly clean in no time. And while Reese Witherspoon's kitchen was far from messy, The Home Edit proved just that by using classically clever tricks to make the space look perfectly put together.

We analyzed the video and picked out some of our favorite storage ideas that are essential when you're learning how to organize a kitchen. We also had some professional organizers tap in and give us their thoughts on how to make the most of your kitchen. So if you want a kitchen that's as systematic as Reese Witherspoon's, here's what to keep in mind.

1. Utilize Inserts for Deep Kitchen Drawers

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One of the first spaces that The Home Edit tackles is Reese's kitchen drawers. Deep kitchen drawers can seem helpful at first thought but they often inevitably become overstuffed and under-organized.

We find that thoughtful containment of drawers can convert them into useful kitchen spots and home organization expert Meaghan Kessman agrees. 'Deep drawers can be black holes for utensils,' she says. 'Reese's kitchen showcased the power of drawer dividers to keep everything sorted and accessible.'

In the video, The Home Edit's Lauren and Emily improve the usability of the deep drawers by adding inserts to create clear categorization. Transparent inserts and drawer dividers are things people with well-organized kitchens always have.

Not only will this great tip keep your silverware organized by type but you will no longer be rummaging through drawers for a spoon, only to come up with a chopstick.

2. Label & Contain By Type For A Tidy Refrigerator

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One of the key things people with organized fridges never do is haphazardly load everything in and leave the space a jumbled mess. If you take one note from The Home Edit's revamp of Reese's space, adopt their method of containing and labeling your fridge space by type.

Labels are typically contained to kitchen cabinet organizers and countertop canisters, but we found the labeled fridge compartments to be a refreshing take on the trend.

Liora Seltzer, founder of What U Keep, tells us that clear containers are a brilliant go-to for fridges. They categorize your fruits, veggies, and drinks while also keeping them on display for a touch of aestheticity.

'If you’re going to invest in containers, you should 100% get clear, and sturdy like the ones in the Home Edit line for almost everything,' she says. 'They make finding items easier, and they are so attractive!'

3. Prioritize Ease of Reach In Your Entertainment Closet

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Summer basically means it's show-time for people who love entertaining to whip out their seasonal serveware and dust off their vibrant table runners. And if you have an entertainment closet you know the struggle of storing everything from fruit plates and jugs to tablecloths and napkin holders in one space.

This assortment of items often leads to some bits getting hidden behind others, ultimately leaving them to sit unused for extended periods of time. So instead of losing things in your entertainment closet, organize them by category and try to keep everything in plain sight.

Liora tells us that the process of organizing is the same, whether it’s a celebrity home or a tiny apartment. 'You should decide what you're keeping and where you’re keeping it.' And we couldn't agree more.

So if you have a small kitchen and your entertainment section doesn't have the luxury of endless space, then remove and relocate items that aren't in seasonal use. This way your Christmas-themed items can go into hiding and you can bring them out in the lead-up to winter by swapping them with your summery collection.

4. Opt For A Cohesively Curated Display Wall

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(Image credit: Read McKendree, styled by Matthew Gleason, for Wolf in Sheep Design)

According to Meaghan, The Home Edit's technique of finding a happy medium between functionality and aesthetics is a key takeaway from their recent spruce. 'The Home Edit's signature is color-coding,' she points out. 'While it looks beautiful, it also serves a purpose.'

Drawers and fridges conceal clutter but a display wall has to be in tip-top shape 24/7. It's likely the focal point of a space and will naturally draw eyes. So arranging it in a visually appealing manner is of utmost importance.

At the start of Reese's video, she had a mix of porcelain white, royal blue, and teal green hues on show. But by the end, The Home Edit had stowed away the blue and teal kitchenware while keeping white and glass items out for exhibition. In the video, the team explains that picking white and neutrals best suited Reese's space and allowed the brick backdrop to pop.

Now, the essence of this technique is to make sure that whatever is on display matches the overarching theme of your space. So if you have a minimalist kitchen, then stick to showing off your neutral serveware. And if you fancy yourself a maximalist, sort your display items by complimentary colors for a chic kitchen space.

5. Unpack Clunky Boxes For A Satisfying Kitchen Pantry

organised pantry

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One of my favorite kitchen spaces for inspiration is Khloé Kardashian's pantry. And the one thing the Khloé and Reese's homes have in common is their packaging-free pantries.

Besides measuring the pantry shelves for organizational trays that fit perfectly, The Home Edit team removed the packaging from all of Reese's grab-and-go snacks. Liora tells us that unboxing and color-coordinating a pantry may take some time and patience but the results are worth the effort. 'In the end, your pantry will look awesome,' says Liora. 'And everyone living with you will have a better chance of finding what they're looking for.'

Meaghan also notes that the maximization of vertical storage in Reese's pantry is a stand-out trick to utilize all available space.

All in all, if you're wondering how to organize a kitchen, start by imbibing some of these smart storage techniques. And before you know it, you'll be left with a space that's on par with an A-lister's.

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