7 Olive Green Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Prove This Versatile Shade Works in Every Style

From traditional farmhouse to modern beach shack, we’re here to show that olive green kitchen cabinets can transcend time and interior styles

(Image credit: Margaret Rajic. Design: Kate Marker Interiors)

There’s nothing quite like olive green kitchen cabinets to freshen up your cooking quarters. The hue has a certain energy and liveliness to it, while still feeling earthy and grounded. You can pick from the brighter end of the spectrum, or to go for a more muddy and muted version. Either way, you really can’t go wrong with this kitchen color trend.

'We like to use olive green in a kitchen because it almost acts are a neutral,' explains interior designer Lauren Sweet-Schuler, founder and principal of Studio Sweet-Schuler. 'The color provides depth and interest without stealing the show. If the feel of a kitchen is to be warm, inviting and a calming experience, olive green is a great option to subtly add color.'

It also works in all interiors, whether that's a traditional farmhouse kitchen-style, a modern space made up of sleek lines and minimalist silhouettes, or even a kitchen with a more playful, slightly retro-edge. To prove this point, here are seven green kitchen ideas in beautiful olive tones that show how the shade could work in your home.

1. Color match your cabinets with your countertop

green kitchen with black marble

(Image credit: Julien Pepy Photography. Design: MIID)

By matching your olive green kitchen cabinets to the other finishes in the space — whether that be the marble countertop or your kitchen backsplash or choice of tiles — you can create the level of cohesion that makes more modern and sleek designs really sing.

In this modern kitchen by Parisian-based studio MIID Interior Design, the olive green cabinets lift the subtle color in the veining of the marble, giving it an almost ethereal glow.

2. Color Drench A Smaller Kitchen

butler walk-in pantry with olive green kitchen cabinets

(Image credit: Stoffer Photography Interiors. Design: Kate Marker Interiors)

'We choose 'Dark Olive' by Benjamin Moore for the pantry because our client's favorite color is green,' explains Kate Marker, principal designer and founder of Kate Marker Interiors.

Having already used the earthy shade in her own kitchen, Kate knew how beautiful it was in real life, so made the bold choice to color-drench the kitchen, covering the kitchen cabinets and ceiling in the same grounding shade, creating a cocooning and elegant look in the space.

3. Pair it With Timber Accents

timber kitchen with olive green kitchen cabinets

(Image credit: David Tsay. Design: RailiCA Design)

Olive green is such a versatile shade that can work in a range of different settings. 'We love how olive green acts as a neutral, not screaming 'color is here', but more adding to spaces with natural woods and dark stains,' says Raili Clasen from RailiCA Design, the interior designer behind this modern olive green kitchen.

The earthy pop of olive green complements the honey tones of this wooden kitchen perfectly, creating an earthy and grounded palette. 'It also pairs perfectly with a tiny splash of mustard or hot pink for the clients that like a little bit more fun,' adds Raili.

4. Make it The Accent Color

farmhouse style kitchen with olive green cabinets and herringbone floors

(Image credit: Margaret Rajic. Design: Kate Marker Interiors)

'I chose Benjamin Moore's 'Dark Olive' paint color as green is natural, earthy and unique for a kitchen,' explains interior designer Kate Marker.

Looking for something a bit different for her own home that wasn't 'the typical white kitchen', Kate made the soft olive green a subtle accent shade next to the swirling marbles, creamy white tones and rustic timber features in the space.

5. Balance it With Lighter Tones

olive green kitchen cabinets

(Image credit: Megan Lorenz. Design: Studio Sweet-Schuler)

When interior designer Lauren Sweet-Schuler of eponymous design firm Studio Sweet-Schuler first laid eyes on a sample of Sherwin Williams' olive green paint color 'Crooked River' she couldn't wait to be able to use it in an interior project.

'We knew instantly it was the color for this kitchen, and never looked back,' she says. But the space still needed a balanced material palette. 'The islands needed to be a wood tone, as they always take a beating and white oak was going to be the perfect compliment to the olive green we already selected. Finally, they needed a warm compliment for the rest of the cabinets and that’s where Benjamin Moore’s 'Finney Grey' joined in for the rest of the perimeter cabinets.'

6. Match Your Cabinets to Your Trims

green kitchen with olive green kitchen cabinets and check floor tiles and butlers sink

(Image credit: Margaret Rajic. Design: Kate Marker Interiors)

'We wanted a color that popped in the space, but also signified 'happy' with an organic touch,' says interior design Kate Marker, who specified 'Mistletoe' by Benjamin Moore on the cabinets, trims and door of this modern kitchen design.

The versatility of olive green not only shines through its various applications, but also shades — ranging from deep, muddy tones to fresher, more verdant hues. Described by Benjamin Moore as having a touch of yellow that 'enhances the inviting, comforting quality of this herb green hue,' 'Mistletoe' is definitely on the fresher, brighter end of the scale, and can add energy to a space, as shown above.

7. Make it the Hero

small modern kitchen with open shelving filled with appliances, a dog and olive green kitchen cabinets

(Image credit: Tom Ferguson. Design: Luke Moloney Architecture)

Luke Moloney, principal at Sydney-based design firm, Luke Moloney Architecture decided to do things a bit different in his own kitchen, adding in rich olive green cabinets to the otherwise minimalistic space.

'The color is Dulux 'Shallot Leaf', and I chose it for the simple reason that I love it,' he shares. 'It's my own kitchen and I didn't need to play it safe for a client. It's cool, warm, neutral and rich all at once.'

'It sets off the canary yellow Vola tapware beautifully,' he adds, of the striking addition not seen in the image above.

Is olive green a good color for kitchen cabinets?

Considered by some to be a neutral shade, thanks to its earthy undertones, olive green is a great option for kitchen cabinetry.

'The color has a naturally soothing quality (much needed in a busy and work-heavy space like a kitchen) and interacts especially well with natural light,' says Aditi Sharma Maheshwari, design editor at Livingetc. 'In fact, it's a great in-between tone as it's not as moody as teal, nor as minty as sage green. Plus, there are so many colors that go with olive green, making it a nice, neutral tone to play up any other bold colors. Think blue, pink, or even orange!'

What color countertops go with olive green kitchen cabinets?

When considering a kitchen countertop surface to style with olive green cabinets, it's best to select a finish that will complement its undertones. That could be a wooden countertop, a terrazzo bench with green flecks or even a veined marble that naturally picks up on the color.

'Our favorite countertop material to pair with olive green cabinets would be Danby marble because of the green undertones that are typical with this stone,' says interior designer Lauren Sweet-Schuler. 'Danby can be really quiet or have really strong veining, and either option is beautiful with olive green cabinets.'

Emma Breislin
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