How can I make my entryway feel more Christmassy? Designers share their top tips on easy festive styling

Make a magical first impression with these handy holiday tips for a truly Christmassy entryway

an entryway with a christmas garland
(Image credit: Vanessa Lentine. Design: Pure Salt Interiors)

When it comes to thinking about how you can make your entryway more Christmassy, keeping it simple is a good first step.

Christmas decorating ideas can, of course, be all-out maximalist, but don't feel you have to go down that route to add a holiday vibe to your hallway. Foraging for foliage to create wreaths, garlands, table or vase displays is a great place to start - and one that's recommended by interior designers and decor experts alike.

Weaving twinkling lights into a wreath or garland always adds the magic, while a collection of candles will instantly help create a festive ambiance. We've tapped a host of experts for their top tips on how to make your entryway more Christmassy below - sit back, start scrolling and reach for the sherry...

1. Bring the outdoors in with foraged foliage

Minimal Christmas entryway styling by Marie Flanigan

(Image credit: Marie Flanigan Interiors)

'One of my favorite ways to decorate an entryway for Christmas is by bringing the outdoors inside,' says Marie Flanigan, Principal, Marie Flanigan Interiors. 'Entryways are a transition point that set the tone for the home and always deserve a nod to nature. To make the move inside seamless, I love to use garlands, trees or a wreath as the focal point and then tie in the home’s Christmas color palette through the use of beautiful ribbon.'

Using foraged foliage is a top tip for a number of designers and decor experts as it's economical and sustainable as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing organic-luxe look.

'Your entrance will be the first space to greet you and your guests during the festive season, so it’s a wonderful spot for getting into the Christmas spirit and adding a few festive moments,' Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director of paint brand Little Greene, adds. 'Entryways are the literal transition from outdoors to indoors, so are the perfect space for extending the beauty and atmosphere of the natural environment by bringing trailing foliage into our homes.'

Christmas entryway with staircase garland by Marie Flanigan Interiors

(Image credit: Marie Flanigan Interiors)

2. Create a staircase garland

Christmas entryway with staircase garland by Annie Sloan

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

A Christmas staircase garland is an easy way to add a Christmassy vibe to your entryway.

'We love dressing all areas of the home with festive décor, but nothing is more welcoming than a festive hallway,' says Garden Trading's Guy Daltry. 'When preparing your entryway for the festive season, a few things spring to mind that will help create that feel-good factor. One of the most traditional additions, and an easy way to bring instant festive cheer, is using a leafy garland peppered with little lightweight baubles that spirals up the banister of your staircase. For additional sparkle, drape fairy lights alongside the foliage to illuminate the way and welcome loved ones into the home.'

3. Introduce a Christmas tree 

Christmas stair decor garland with bells and ribbon in white hallway

(Image credit: Lindsay Salazar/House of Jade Interiors)

Christmas trees don't have to be confined to Christmas living room decor alone - they're also a wonderful way to liven up an entryway and create a truly inviting Christmassy vibe.

You can keep your entryway Christmas tree as minimal, maximal, small or large as you like, and the same goes for your Christmas tree decorating ideas; a pared-back look will still be effective, and preferable if you're more of a Scandinavian Christmas decor ideas kind of person. 

'For the exterior of your entryway (or even indoors!), place potted evergreen plants or small Christmas trees near the entrance,' says Victoria Holly, principal and founder of Victoria Holly Interiors. 'You can decorate them with ornaments or ribbons for added charm.'

4. Dress up a sideboard or console

Christmas entryway with branches decorated with baubles by Farrow & Ball

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Add a sprinkle of Christmas magic to a sideboard, shelf, console or entryway table for an instant holiday season update. Forage a large branch and decorate it with simple paper honeycomb baubles for a pared-back yet effective look.

A simple garland or vase of eucalyptus will work wonders but, for added depth and interest, try layering your decor with a few different items. Perhaps dot candles at varying heights around your garland, weave in some fairy lights, add in a few baubles, or perhaps lean some paper stars up against the wall.

Before you know it you've created a veritable Christmas wonderland.

Christmas entryway shelf styling by Benjamin Moore

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

'As space is often tight in hallways, decorate existing areas, be it hanging a bunch of mistletoe above the door, creating a feature of your stairs with the addition of ivy or eucalyptus and twinkling fairly lights, or add a big bunch of greenery and winter berries to a console or side table,' says Little Greene's Ruth Mottershead. 'These simple touches of foliage and white lights will create a wonderfully warm welcome.'

5. Utilize floor and wall space

Christmas entryway with paper stars and honeycombs by Garden Trading

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Pepper the floor with Christmas decorations for an super-easy way to make your entryway feel Christmassy. Choose larger paper honeycombs in different sizes and colors to add interest and dimension.

And use your wall space to hang paper stars for a thoroughly Scandinavian Christmas decor look that's timeless yet on-trend.

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