These are the Best Kitchen Wall Paint Colors to Choose From Right Now — ‘They Make Your Space Look Clean And Light!’

If in doubt about the right paint color for your kitchen walls, look no further than these designer-approved tones to create a fresh and airy feel

kitchen with white walls, white island, and dark blue cabinets
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We're in a new age of kitchen design. One where the formerly simple utilitarian space is being reinterpreted in myriad different ways to feel warmer, welcoming, and more accommodating for the whole family, culminating in a calming space where we want to spend our time. More and more designers are curating kitchen spaces that not only serve their function but also feel like a living space, and the foundation that supports it all is the right kitchen wall paint color.

I spoke to interior designers who swear by these three tones to give your modern kitchen design a clean and light look. These tones will be great backgrounds for more colorful cabinets if that’s your preference, or, equally, the perfect canvas for muted, calming schemes. Here are three shades to inspire your next decorating project.

1. Watery blues

A modern kitchen with slab cabinets painted light blue

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Blue kitchens have constantly stood the test of time in the face of all passing trends. Whether you like a bold scheme, or prefer something more muted, there will be a perfect shade of blue for you, and when it comes to kitchen walls, it can look very sophisticated and classic.

‘Expect effortless, watery pale tints combined with fluid shapes and mix with shiny reflective finishes - polished stones, glass and lustrous metals,’ explains Betsy Smith, color consultant at Graphenstone.

The color expert thinks the increase in popularity of the shade is linked to its connection to the natural world, which we are more and more inspired by when designing our homes as calming havens. 'Blue is increasingly replacing greens in the kitchen while remaining connected to the natural world, partially driven by the trend and popularity of wild swimming and healing properties of water,’ adds Betsy.

The great news is there are plenty of colors that go with blue, so if you like a colorful space, go bold with an uplifting palette. ‘Reds and clay tones blend with soft chalky blues and cooler greens to create an immersive environment in the kitchen where color is celebrated, and its power to change perceptions and alter moods takes center stage,’ says Betsy.

2. Warm whites

kitchen with off-white cabinets and walls, white island and wooden stools

(Image credit: Zoe Feldman Design)

White will always be a safe choice, and now it has also become a very sophisticated one with the increased popularity of warmer tones in white kitchens. Forget the pure decorator’s white which has been the norm for so long when it comes to kitchen walls and instead look at red or orange undertones for a more welcoming feel.

‘Transcendent and timeless, white’s versatility is unrivaled and continues to be a popular choice in kitchens for people looking for a minimalistic and uncluttered look,' says Helen Shaw, expert at Benjamin Moore. 'Whites with red or yellow undertones such as White Dove OC-17 will avoid the clinical feel of a pure brilliant white, while still creating a clean and understated look. For a similar warmth, an off-white such as Hazy Skies OC-48 will ooze comfort in a classy and effortless way,’

Besides the light, minimalist, and calming feel, there are other benefits to choosing white. ‘When working with smaller kitchens, opting for a shade of white is a safe and easy option as lighter colors tend to make a space feel bigger,’ explains Helen. Not to mention the versatility it allows for choosing more saturated colors for your cabinets to add interest and create a focal point.

‘White walls provide a perfect opportunity to introduce more saturated colors to kitchen cabinets or accessories to add depth,' Helen goes on to explain. 'Bold colors such as deep burgundy or terracotta will create a rustic warm design style, whereas deep greens or navy such as Hale Navy HC-154 or Regent Green 2136-20 will provide a crisp contrast to the cool white walls, achieving a more contemporary feel.'

3. Stone-like greige

kitchen with grey stone walls, wood cabinets and island, and tiled backsplash

(Image credit: Ryan West. Design: ATRA. Architecture: Olson Kundig)

Cool, steely greys have had their heyday, but now it’s all about the best greige paint: stone-like greys that have a slight color undertone like a blue or a green which makes them much warmer and more sophisticated.

‘Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter HC-172 is a timeless greige color that works well for kitchen walls because it is a grey-beige warm neutral color,' explains interior designer Margaret Donaldson. 'Its versatility allows it to blend well with many natural stone countertops and a variety of cabinet colors.'

Just like warm off-whites, a well-chosen greige can offer great versatility when picking your other colors in the kitchen, from cabinets to accessories. ‘Consider matching the cabinets to the wall color for a sophisticated look,’ advises Margaret, especially if you’re into more minimalist, serene feeling schemes. ‘Sherwin Williams' Sea Salt SW 6204 is a soft muted, green-blue-grey color that adds a quiet calming, yet refreshing vibe to kitchen walls,' adds the designer. 'Combine with light wood or warm white cabinets for a breezy coastal feel, and pair with lighter-colored countertops to maintain its airy quality.'

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