5 Kitchen Lighting Trends to Consider for 2024 — These Choices Will Make Your Design Feel Elevated

Consider these kitchen lighting trends to upgrade your current design to something much more decorative and useful

A white kitchen with transparent globe lights
(Image credit: Jacqueline Marque. Design: Morris Adjmi Architects)

Getting the kitchen lighting right is of utmost importance because these not only style up the room but also make it easy to work in. Plus, good lighting ensures safety in the space. While trends come and go, there are a few that have staying power and can last decades without looking outdated.

To that end, experts to tell us about the latest trends in kitchen lighting — fixtures that are efficient and functional, and perfectly suited for your home's life force.

1. Statement lighting in natural materials

a kitchen extension with plaster-over downlighters

(Image credit: French + Tye. Design: Noto Architects)

When it comes to kitchen lighting design and finishes, it's best to choose ones that will last a long time. Natural materials do not go out of trend and can give the modern kitchen a warm, familiar touch.

'Usually, in a black kitchen, your fixture would have matte black finishes to it, but it would be stunning to have an earthy shade instead, like a concrete or plaster look, or even an earthy color palette,' avers Laura Williams of ATX Interior Design.'By including earthy and lived-in elements, the kitchen is more likely to stand the test of time.'

2. Oversized single lights

A white kitchen designed by Marie Flanigan

(Image credit: Marie Flanigan)

Kitchen island lighting or kitchen pendant lighting are the most visible fixtures; these also play a big role in adding a decorative touch to the room. Think of these are the room's jewelry, adding that glitter to the space. To that end, choose pieces that have an instant impact.

'I quite like the idea of an oversized single pendant; it can be an impressive way to make a statement,' says Kashi Shikunova, director at Yam Studios. 'However, it does require a large space and high ceiling to accommodate its volume. Nevertheless, when executed properly, it can create a very impactful aesthetic.'

3. Hidden task lighting

A kitchen with hidden lighting

(Image credit: Britt White Studio)

'A big kitchen trend at the moment is indirect, hidden LED lighting,' says Kashi. 'It serves as task lighting but can also be adjusted to create ambient lighting when all other lights are turned off. This is great for when entertaining in an open kitchen-dining area.'

Consider long, LED strips for your kitchen ceiling lighting or even for kitchen cabinet lighting. These are lovely illuminators, that can highlight the beauty of your counter materials or the backsplash. These useful fixtures can be seamlessly hidden while casting a glow both up and down.

4. Dimmable fixtures

An island lighting that can be dimmed

(Image credit: Phil Crozier. Design: Reena Sotropa In House Design)

Many times, the kitchen becomes a multiuse social space, for cooking, dining, and entertaining. For such spaces, it's a good idea to choose fixtures that can do double duty — illuminate and create a mood. Whether yours is a small kitchen or a sizeable apartment kitchen, consider fixtures on a dimmer that can help transition the space for different needs.

'Pairing the activity with a light fixture is important,' says Julia Mack, of Julia Mack Design. 'For example, your kitchen should have overhead light fixtures that illuminate countertops for cooking then dim down for meals, likewise, the adjacent dining area should have a dimmable chandelier that creates a soft glow that softly illuminates your guests.'

5. Transparent globes

A white kitchen with transparent globe lights

(Image credit: Jacqueline Marque. Design: Morris Adjmi Architects)

'Transparent fixtures, such as glass globes or wired drums are great for kitchens, especially if the light has an interesting backdrop,' says New York-based interior designer Ahmad AbouZanat. 'Heavier or larger, or there’s an opportunity to see them from a different perspective.'

A great way to enhance these oversized, clear globes is to have them against a lovely kitchen wall decor backdrop. Also, consider pendants suspended with brass chains to add a tiny glitter to the space.

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