5 "investment pieces" that the world's most stylish people are hunting for right now, according to a decor expert

There are some pieces of furniture that everyone seems to be investing in at the moment. Here are the 5 expert-picked items you should keep an eye out for

open plan dining and living room with white ealls, large windows and antique furniture
(Image credit: Nicole Franzen. Emerson Bailey Denver)

As you’re reading this I’m assuming you’ve pretty much immersed in the world of interior design. You will appreciate, in this case, that every now and then there are some items, be that furniture, accessories, or lighting, that a true connoisseur will know are a must in order to create a truly modern home look. There are some things that say ‘now’ more than any others, and we’re all hunting for the best versions to complete our homes with, or else the FOMO becomes real, my friends. 

The challenge here is to find versions of these ‘must-have items’ that are special. Unique. Not the same off-the-shelf items that everyone has. We want to find the pieces that are on trend, but also so special and unique, that we won’t see replicated in everyone’s homes. Items so distinguished that will stand the test of time even when the trend has passed, and that we can keep in the long run. When we’ve found that, we know we’ve struck gold. A good place to start looking for really special items are vintage markets and shops, or artisans' ateliers.

Finding the right things can make your home super relevant for now, but the best examples are also timeless in a way that makes them worth investing in. We asked an expert to give us the low down on what the most stylish people are hunting for right now.

Susan Weiss and Daniel Larrson
Emerson Bailey

Founded in 2016 by Susan Weiss, Emerson Bailey offers an extraordinary display of rare Swedish antiques, exceptional mid-century vintage, contemporary design, and art. 

With a world-class offering in unexpected cities, the vision of Susan and curator Daniel Larsson has taken hold of communities in destinations like Aspen and Telluride and now Yellowstone, Big Sky, and Jackson Hole. Emerson Bailey just opened two new galleries in the Rocky Mountain Region - within a new space in Denver, CO, and their first in Bozeman, MT.

1. The 'characterful' dining table

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wood trestle dining table

(Image credit: Emerson Bailey)

Dining tables are items that you shouldn't feel nervous about investing in because you will be less likely to change them. Go for good quality materials that will last, such as solid wood. This will also make it easy to accessorize, and, if you feel the need for a change, you can always swap out the chairs for a fresh look. 

'We're finding that there are a lot of people looking for dining tables at the moment. As we head into Fall, homeowners are returning to the kitchen after a summer of traveling and on-the-go meals. Tables are the heart of the kitchen and dining rooms, enabling families to enjoy special meals to keep a sense of togetherness as daily schedules become busy again. They are also the perfect item to upgrade ahead of the holiday season when they'll be of great use!' explains Susan. 

2. Multi-functional stools 

baroque leather stool with leather seat

(Image credit: Emerson Bailey)

A unique-looking stool can make such a lovely and functional addition to any room. It can have multiple practical purposes but alongside living room furniture, they can also just be used as a display item. 

'Stools always seem to be popular, but they're moving as quickly as ever. I find them to be versatile, which is why they're always appealing to buyers. They're often used as seats, but people also often look to them as a stand, or simply as an accent item within a room,' Susan shares. 

3. The storage cabinet unit 

vintage sideboard unit

(Image credit: Emerson Bailey)

One can never get enough storage space, especially if living in a city apartment, so you might as well invest in good quality pieces that you also like the look of because you will be getting a lot of use out of them. 

'Another request we've been getting frequently is for cabinets, oftentimes specifically for kitchens and bedrooms. Fall is a great season for reorganization and people enjoy looking for new vessels to store their items,' Susan tells me.

4. A unique office chair

red leather vintage office chair

(Image credit: Emerson Bailey)

'Since hybrid work is here to stay, more and more people are looking for the most comfortable chairs for their home office. What's great is that they don't have to sacrifice design or aesthetics. People tend to gravitate to high-design chairs, in both form and function,' explains Susan.

Think outside the box when it comes to office chairs. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and have a good seating position, however, don't limit yourself to traditional office furniture - you can also use dining chairs for this purpose. 

5. The ultra comfortable mattress

close-up of mattress in white and blue and stool

(Image credit: Emerson Bailey, Hästens drēmər)

A modern home is all about comfort, especially when it comes to resting. Your home is your sanctuary, so make sure your bed and mattress allow for that well-deserved time to recharge. 

'Families are coming home inspired by summer travels. After getting the children back into school they are thinking about their primary home and how to make it more comfortable. Many are looking for a new mattress or upgrading their bedding,' says Susan.

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