IKEA Kura bed hacks – 9 fun and stylish transformations that kids will adore

These IKEA Kura bed hacks will take your child's bed from functional to super-fun

IKEA kura bed hacks @pissenlit_weld
(Image credit: @pissenlit_weld)

With a clever IKEA Kura bed hack, you can turn this classic piece of IKEA furniture from functional to, well, fun. Not only is the bed affordable, it's ultra-versatile and future-proof, and offers multiple opportunities for a glow-up the kids will love.

The reversible bed is ideal to start with as a low-sleeper (and as handy storage underneath), but can be reversed and changed into a high-sleeper as your child grows. But, it also gives you a great foundation to work with, if you're brave enough to tackle an IKEA hack

We've rounded up our favorite IKEA Kura bed hacks below for a fun and funky kids' room makeover.

IKEA Kura bed hacks for cool and cute bedroom ideas

1. Elevate the IKEA Kura bed with chic doweling

Ikea kura bed hacks dowels and fluting

(Image credit: @marialovesrealestate)

Want to elevate your kids room ideas with a a few chic details? It's easier than you might think. But you'll have to run it past the children first, of course.

Maria, of @marialovesrealestate, says: 'I tackled tough negotiation with my three and four-year-olds to get permission to cover up stickers - yikes.'

Ikea kura bed hacks dowels and fluting

(Image credit: @marialovesrealestate)

She continues: 'Then I cut solid wood half round dowel panels with a miter saw to size. If you can't find a panel, separate dowels, a tambour, pole wrap, or fluted moulding works too.

'You then glue or tack them in to the bed with a nail gun and, if you're using unfinished wood, don't forget to seal it.'

2. Personalize an IKEA Kura bed for individuality in a shared bedroom

Ikea kura bed hacks personalized in a shared bedroom

(Image credit: @pissenlit_weld)

A lovely way to install individuality into a shared bedroom? Personalize the space so that each child feels like they have their own domaine to rule.

Laura @pissenlist_weld carried out a clever IKEA Kura hack so each of her boys could be the king of their castle.

She set about lining them up, and reversed one bed so that one was a high sleeper and the other a low.

Laura then added curtains to the high sleeper to create a private playroom space, and also painted their names along the side.

How to finish? 'Add the mattresses and enjoy your cup of tea while your kids sleeps peacefully!' she exclaims.

3. Keep it simple and strip it right back

Ikea kura bed hacks pared back

(Image credit: aaudreyetcharlie)

Not a fan of the paneling on the IKEA Kura bed? No problem - simply take it off.

That's exactly what Audrey @audreyetcharlie did to create a Scandi-style open space that oozes pared-back chic.

The bed is set in a high position so that underneath there's space to create a relaxation and storage area where Charlie can read ad enjoy is toys and books.

Baskets and a bijou bookcase are handy storage ideas for the space, allowing it to keep organized and uncluttered.

Audrey says: 'Charlie loves his bed. Actually, a few weeks ago, I asked him if he wants us to buy him a bigger bed now he is so tall, but he doesn't want to change yet.'

4. Transform your IKEA Kura bed into a cool playhouse

Ikea kura bed hacks playhouse @playsonpatterns

(Image credit: @playsonpatterns)

The easiest way to get your kids to go to bed without complaining? Turn their bed into an ultra-cool playhouse.

Ayesha, of @playsonpatterns, created the IKEA Kura bed hack for her daugters. 

'For our girls' shared bedroom we wanted to include a house bunkbed for the girls to sleep and play,' she explains. 'The ones we found were out of our budget so we decided to DIY a house bunk bed using the IKEA Kura, and we are so glad we did because it turned out a dream.'

Ikea kura bed hacks playhouse by playsonpatterns

(Image credit: @playsonpatterns)

Explaining how it was done, Ayesha continues: 'This hack was created by first using pine wood panels to create a Montessori-style house frame upwards and attaching vertical shiplap paneling to the front and side of the bed.

'We measured and cut out two windows that we trimmed out along with the entry opening to the top bunk.

'We also added a few panel pieces to the roof of the house and completed it with some twinkling lights.

'To finish off the bed, we painted the shiplap paneling white and installed a sturdy dowel to help support climbing up and down the bed.'

5. Create a cabin-style escape for a fun take on the Kura bed

Ikea bed hacks Scandi style white cabin bed in children's room

(Image credit: @100yearsinthemaking)

For a fab kids' room idea that manages to be cool and cute at the same time, use an IKEA Kura bed hack that turns a basic bed into a trendy cabin.

Frances, of @100yearsinthemaking, created the look and explains: 'We bought the IKEA Kura bed on FB marketplace, which I absolutely love, especially for upcycles. 

'It was already painted blue so I gave it a sand and then primed with BIN before painting with F&B Strong White in eggshell. 

'We used 1.5inch by 1.5inch pine stripwood to create the roof and screwed them together, and to the original frame.' 

A surefire way to a stress-free bedtime routine.

6. Go intergalactic with a space-themed transformation

Ikea bed hack with IKEA Kura bed

(Image credit: @twopigsonehouse)

What could be cooler than a bed 'floating' in Space? 

Fran of @twopigsonehouse did just that for her lucky son. She says: 'We originally bought an IKEA Kura bed for my son's room before we renovated the house. 

'However, when we moved back in he decided he wanted a Space theme to his room decor. Having looked around for inspiration, I was very much drawn to a Scandi-style approach and loved the idea of making his bunk bed look like it was floating in Space.'

So how did she do it? 'We ended up achieving this look by bolting joists to the wall, which we then painted the dark blue of the wall,' explains Fran. 

'We then cut the frame to leave us with just the top bed and sat it on the joists. We used the off-cuts to extend the ladder, which acts as the fourth leg to hold it up. 

'Finally, I bought some wood slats from a local DIY store, which I cut to size and screwed end-on to the bed frame.'

And we think the final result is out of this world.

7. Build a mini 'house' with extra framing

Ikea Kura bed hacks cabin @thelighthomestead

(Image credit: @thelighthomestead)

Creating a cool cabin or 'house' vibe with an IKEA Kura bed hack is a really fun idea any child will love. And it's not as hard as you may think.

Drew @thelighthomestead did just that on a bunk bed for her two boys. She says: 'To give our IKEA Kura bed a house look, we built an A-frame out of 2x2 lumber and braced it to the bed with corners sawed from a 2x4. 

'Next we added a couple of handles to the ladder and that was it! My boys love to throw a sheet over the top and have an instant tent.'

8. Get inventive with cladding to maximize floor space

IKEA Kura bed hacks @architect_v_engineer

(Image credit: @architect_v_engineer)

IKEA Kura bed hacks are the perfect solution for small bedroom ideas.

By keeping the Kura at a mid or high-level sleeping height, you can use the space underneath as a den, play area, or storage space.

'We used a IKEA Kura bed as a mid-sleeper due to the lack of floor space in the bedroom,' says Christine @architect_v_engineer, who created the look above. 

'We used cladding to create a secret den underneath to maximize the floor space. Then we extended the cladding up and over to create a canopy to sleep underneath. 

'To finish it off, we used the IKEA Trofast storage to create steps up to bed.'

Cute and practical.

9. Add curtains for a chic and private play space

Ikea Kura bed hacks no.13luckyforsome

(Image credit: @no.13luckyforsome)

A 'secret' play area is a kids' room idea that's always going to go down well.  And if you can make it look cute too? All boxes ticked.

'It’s amazing what a few metres of fabric and some fancy cushions can do,' says Laura @no.13luckyforsome, who fashioned the IKEA Kira bed hack above.

'I simply bought 3m of fabric, hemmed it (that wasn’t so simple) and used a curtain wire to connect it. 

'A little cable tack is used in the middle to stop the sagging! I then adorned it with cushion and bits from gorgeous small businesses and to complete the transformation.'

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