This Clever "Outdoor Fan" Promises a Fly-Free Memorial Day Barbeque (and You Can Get Two for $14!)

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's .... summer's hottest accessory? Your parties will never be the same again (in a good way!)

black fly fan on a colorful outdoor background
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Picture this: You're at a summer barbeque. It's a stunning 78 degrees and breezy — the ideal temperature — and you're about to chow down on a hamburger and some potato salad (my favorite cookout combination). Except, as you lean in to take a bite, something small, quick, and incredibly annoying interrupts your sandwich-induced stupor: a fly.

It doesn't matter if your patio is decorated with essentials from all of the best home decor brands — summer bugs (and particularly flies) come for us all. They interrupt the best meals and terrorize the best bonfires. They crash every party and dive bomb s'more sessions. I'd do anything to get rid of them entirely, but I suppose that would have lasting ecological consequences I'm not prepared to answer for.

So the next best thing? I may have just tracked it down.

This nifty and affordable little fan creates a battery-powered 'no-fly' zone around your patio by repelling flies with a subtle breeze — no chemicals or aerosols involved. They're quiet, soft to the touch, and affordable enough to buy in bulk for a summer of bug-free barbeques and cocktail hours.

Could this be the perfect sustainable solution? I know I'm already adding a few to my cart ahead of Memorial Day Weekend!

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