Farmhouse bedroom ideas – 10 ways to bring a little rustic softness to modern urban decor

Because farmhouse bedroom ideas work in urban settings, and this how designers add a rustic softness to decor

Rustic modern farmhouse bedroom with brown bed and white walls
(Image credit: Cortney Bishop Design and Katie Charlotte Photography)

Farmhouse bedroom ideas are definitely on the rise. For a while, modern, minimalist bedrooms have reigned in the world of interiors, but farmhouse style seems to be shedding its shabby chic skin and becoming a newer, cooler, simplified version of its old self (we reckon we have Joanna Gaines to thank for that). The perfect balance of shiplap and distressed wood and simple silhouettes and clean color palettes. 

Because farmhouse style can blend so well with a more modern aesthetic, creating rooms that feel warm and welcoming and have all the quirk and charm you'd expect but still feel contemporary and clutter-free. We've asked the experts for their advice on creating the perfect modern farmhouse bedroom, from the best colors to choose to picking out unique pieces that will instantly give your space that rustic feel.

Farmhouse bedroom ideas

1. Embrace imperfections

Rustic modern farmhouse designed by Benji Lewis with berber rug and yellow ottoman

(Image credit: Benji Lewis)

This is what we think modern farmhouse style and rustic bedrooms are all about. Embracing that lived in, worn look. And we know this is all sounded a bit 'shabby chic' but that term doesn't deserve the bad rep it's got because there is a side to it that can look just really raw and stripped back and natural. It's not all about distressed paint effects and busy floral prints.

'The charm of farmhouse style is achieved with a combination of things drawn from nature.' explains interior designer Benji Lewis. 'Think, flagstone or quarry tiled floors or wide rustic timber floorboards, rough-hewn natural oak beams, uneven plaster walls finished in whitewash and simple wooden gloss painted tongue and groove paneling – gloss being a practical, wipeable surface too.'

'But that’s not to say that you can’t put a contemporary slant on things. A collection of mid-century ceramics or a modern piece of sculpture showcased against whitewashed plaster walls would be a perfect combination, or a glamorous silk textile and a sheepskin rug for example.'

2. Add a lot of texture

Farmhouse bedroom with traditional decor and persian rug

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

Wood is a key part of this look, but it's not the only way to add texture to modern farmhouse wall decor. And it doesn't have to come from original beams or weathered floorboards. 'The key to making a room feel authentically like a farmhouse is to incorporate lots of natural elements and textures,' says designer Marie Flanigan

'For this space, the wood ceiling sets the tone for the room, while making it feel elevated and luxe. Further, the rug, layered bedding, desk and lamp, all have a certain touch of antiquity or patina to make the room feel lived in and comfortable, as a farmhouse should.' 

3. Go minimalist 

Attic farmhouse bedroom with white wash walls

(Image credit: Belathee)

As we will continue to say many times, farmhouse style doesn't have just one variant. It has many faces and even the most minimalist lover amongst us can embrace this style. If you like the idea of creating a cozy but minimalist bedroom that has just a touch of that farmhouse charm, be inspired by this design from Lisa Staton.

'The old logs of this vintage cabin were whitewashed to create a serene bedroom space.  And then custom under the eaves warn barn board beds are dressed with simple cottons and cozy mohair throws.' explains Lisa.  The color palette is kept so simple and it's the mix of textures that adds the interest. The paneled walls, the softness of the carpet, the mohair throw, even the raw wooden bed frame all work together to create a space that feels very fresh and minimal but with a nod to rustic style. 

4. Let nature inspire the color palette 

Pale green bedroom with fabric wall hanging

(Image credit: Future)

As all these beautiful bedrooms prove, farmhouse style is soft and calming, and the color palettes tend to be neutral  – lots of greys, whites, creams, and beiges. But if you like your bedroom color scheme to have a touch of something bolder, take your inspiration from nature. 

'Colors that are inspired by nature work best to create an updated and interesting farmhouse style. I love using greens, umber, and patina to really highlight the role nature should play in farmhouse style.' recommends Marie.

Designer Joanna Plant agrees that 'Colors that reference nature tend to work best in rural houses and a feeling of warmth and atmosphere is achieved best using colors that lean away from grey and cooler neutrals towards those with a yellow undertone.  Warm cornflower blue and brownish pinks also work very well and of course greens of all kinds which reflects the green outside the windows.'

5. Create a classic farmhouse feel with panelling

Wood panelled bedroom with blue bed

(Image credit: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp, Design by Emily Henderson and Priscilla Frost, Styled by Emily Henderson)

There's no easier way to give a bedroom a rustic farmhouse feel than paneling. Adding warmth and texture, it provides the perfect backdrop for any style and color scheme. Be inspired by this cozy bedroom designed by Emily Henderson and contrast the warmth of the wood with bold blues adding in pops of deep yellows and brown – the primary colors give a more contemporary feel to this rustic space.

'If you’re looking to recreate a farmhouse feel then paneling is an easy way to add texture, depth and interest to the walls.' suggest Jen & Mar, founders of design studio Interior Fox. 'Great for all types of properties, especially new builds as it really helps to add character and interest when architectural features are minimal. Look to incorporate distressed finishes to give added depth and provide added interest.'

6. Give farmhouse style a modern twist

Farmhouse bedroom designed by House of Jade with white wool blankets

(Image credit: House of Jade)

This is one of our favorite ways to do farmhouse style – clean, simple, modern with a touch of a rustic vibe. It's also a way to do this look if you are after longetivty, it's not going to date quickly and you can switch up the look as trends and tastes change. The key is to start with quite a simple base and add in those farmhouse feels with the furniture and accessories. 

'Our client showed us an inspirational image with a very distinct wall treatment. The wall design was very graphic with straight lines and hard angles. We wanted to balance that out with soft linens and curved furniture.' explains Kirsten Krason Co-Owner of House of Jade, designer of this farmhouse bedroom.  

'The headboard is all linen. It’s very simple and it lets our intricate wall detail shine.  We wanted the nightstands to have a “found” quality so we did mismatched pieces but they are tied together with the wood finish.  Our favorite thing about the bed and the bedding is that it can still be beautiful even if it’s not made. Everything looks heavenly and cozy even if the sheets aren’t perfectly straight!'

7. Bring in those rustic patterns with bedding

Rustic modern farmhouse bedroom with white walls and wooden ceiling

(Image credit: Cortney Bishop Design and Katie Charlotte Photography)

Bedding is such a simple, low-commitment way to experiment with different styles. Bedspreads, pillows, throw cushions, blankets can all be used to add subtle patterns and colors that are synonymous with the farmhouse aesthetic.  

Take Emily Henderson's tip and 'Mix solids with patterns/textures to create visual balance and interest. Plain, simple bedding is great but if you want to add a layer of coziness, texture and a small pattern can really help.' 

'A good rule of thumb is that if your bedspread is solid, bring in a patterned blanket and/or pillow and vice versa (i.e. if your duvet is patterned, make sure to have a few solid elements so things don’t look chaotic). And because pattern isn’t for everyone, the same rule applies for texture…Make sure to use varied textures even if all in the same color palette.'

8. Introduce more texture with a headboard 

Rustic warm bedroom with rattan headboard

(Image credit: Raili Clasen)

So much inspiration to be taken from this farmhouse bedroom designed by Raili Clasen. Firstly let's touch on the color scheme, it's notably warmer and more... Cali farmhouse feeling than what we have seen so far and should encourage you not to shy away from bolder, deeper hues when designing a farmhouse bedroom. Just pair those toasty, earthy hues with plenty of white so the space still feels bright. 

And see all the natural texture mixed in here too. 'For a more casual, and rustic style bedroom, we bring in the au natural! Woven headboards, natural paper pendants, and raw oak side tables work so well together in these spaces.' explains Raili.

This style of rattan or woven headboard is everywhere right now, they come in so many shapes, styles, and budgets and can be an instant addition to your space to up those farmhouse vibes.

9. Take a pared back approach

Rustic bedroom with four poster bed

(Image credit: Joanna Plant)

Farmhouse style can take many forms, from the very classic French farmhouse look (a personal fave) to that very minimalist, all-white everything with a touch of rustic. And that's what we love about this style, it's adaptable and can be made to work with so many different tastes and blend both old and new. 

This classic farmhouse bedroom designed by Joanna Plant is the perfect example of a more minimalist approach. The space still feels very traditionally farmhouse with the beams and the rustic textiles but pared back and simplified. 

'We worked on a farmhouse in Ibiza recently where the aesthetic was both rustic and pared back. The bedroom has polished concrete floor and rough, plaster walls together with an iron bed and antique textiles.  The combination of old and new felt right for the space.' explains Joanna. 

10. Incorporate traditional prints in a modern way

A bedroom with a wooden ceiling and brown toned wallpaper

(Image credit: General Assembly)

Dainty floral bedroom wallpaper has a very classic farmhouse feel to it, and while it might sound overwhelming to take these busy prints all over the room there's something about really committing to the floral that stops it from looking fussy and makes it in fact feel very cool and slightly maximalist. 

As Joanna says, 'Wallpaper is always lovely in a country bedroom – especially in an attic with a pitched roof where you can have it up and over the ceiling creating a feeling of complete envelopment.' 

And why stop at the walls? We love how in this space a slightly different floral is taken onto the bedlinen and cushions. You can break it up slightly with block colors or the clean lines of furniture as can be seen here with the iron bed frame. It's a bold look but we are all for it. 

11. Add boho touches to a farmhouse bedroom

Modern farmhouse bedroom with boho style

(Image credit: Vivian Johnson)

That very on-trend boho look (we are talking beaded chandleries, Aztec prints, houseplants, beachy vibes) lends itself really well to farmhouse style. Together they create spaces that feel calming and zen with plenty of light hues, tactile materials, and rustic textures, and still there's a contemporary freshness. 

This boho bedroom by Miyuki Yamaguchi Designs is the perfect example. 'One can relax and rejuvenate in this bright airy farmhouse bedroom with high soaring vaulted ceiling with boho touches.' Miyuki explains. Dreamy stuff.  We love the addition of the soft yellow amongst all the grey. The perfect way to warm up a chic neutral color palette without interrupting the overall scheme. 

What is farmhouse style?

Farmhouse style has so many different faces and it's changed so much over time as styles and trends have changed. It ranges from that very classic French farmhouse style that's incredibly rustic and traditional, to the more modern boho farmhouse look you see in the stylish villas of Ibiza. It's always adapting. Which is why it's such a classic look that reoccurs again and again in the world of interior design trends

Joanna Plant says 'Farmhouse style is one that is easy going with an unprecious robustness that means you feel relaxed and looked after.  You can indulge a love of pattern and print and thankfully with modern heating and plumbing there is no need to get dressed in bed as you quite possibly had to years ago.' 

'I think a farmhouse has its time and place, but if you gravitate toward that style, you can incorporate touches of it throughout your home while still keeping the space interesting.' explains Marie Flanigan. 'Instead of whitewashing everything, which seems to be the trend, lean into natural colors and textures that are found organically, like stone, wood and greenery.'

Essentially make of farmhouse style what you want and experiment with incorporating into your personal tastes.

How can you give a bedroom farmhouse style?

This really comes down to what take on farmhouse style you want to go for in your interior design. As we have said there are so many options. But an easy way to get the look is firstly to shop secondhand. Hunt around at thrift stores and online marketplaces for pieces that are going to add texture and personality to your bedroom.

Texture is a key one too. Rugs are a simple addition that can add that softness and cozy feel that's so important in farmhouse bedrooms.  'The bedroom is your sanctuary, a place to unwind after a long day, so making it cozy is a must! Large area rugs are a great way to warm up your space and make it feel inviting. They set the mood for your bedroom much more than smaller accent rugs or ones of unique shapes. Layering your rugs is another option - a cowhide and sherpa combination can instantly enhance the atmosphere.' explains designer Kathy Kuo.

Bring in classic prints like florals or stripes. And if you aren't ready to commit to wallpaper, try adding pattern with your bedlinen or throws. You can easily switch these out and mix them in with different styles. 

Hebe Hatton

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