These Are the 8 Most Comfortable Design Trends Designers Love — "They're so Right For Now!"

If you're looking to bring a little comfort into your life, these are the eight comfortable design trends designers are turning to, and they're so right for now

Huma Sulaiman Design living room
(Image credit: Stephen Karlisch, Design: Huma Sulaiman Design)

Comfort has long been painted as the antithesis of style, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. We often mistakenly label comforting interiors as being relaxed but it’s important to remember that comfort comes in many shapes and sizes - something that interior designers have recognized as they create interiors that prioritize the human experience for their clients. The most comfortable and stylish spaces balance form and function, they are beautiful rooms that speak to the imagination but also offer their inhabitants moments of calm.

To inspire you on your journey to create a captivating yet comfortable interior, we spoke to the experts. Interior designers from across the globe shared their insights on the design trends that are enchanting audiences now, from nostalgic references to the rotund and playful forms of the 70s as well as mixing and matching fabrics to create a rainbow-like and inviting escape. Each of these interior design trends recognizes the ever-expanding role that our homes play in providing respite and relief from the pressures and pace of daily life, reiterating that comfort is indeed king.


Greg Natale MacMasters Beach

(Image credit: Greg Natale)

The nostalgia of the 70s has been steadily making its way back into our homes over the last couple of years and it shows no signs of slowing down. The whimsical attitude of the era inspired sofa trends and that felt both imaginative in its form and yet functional with its inflated surface and soft upholstery.

This example from acclaimed interior designer, Greg Natale’s MacMasters project in New South Wales emphasizes the importance of a sumptuous sofa in creating a truly comforting interior.

'Iconic sofa designs from the 70s are on trend right now,' says Greg. 'These sofas tend to look soft and bulbous, inviting you to use them for comfort without compromising style.

'Conversation pits are another example of 70s seating that is very on-trend. It’s all about cozy optics,' says Greg. Furthermore, by opting for jewel-toned fabrics in a light and airy room, you’re able to ground the scheme with some warming depth and color.


Owl Design colourful upholstered headboard

(Image credit: Megan Taylor, Design: Owl Design)

Rituals of self-care are another key component of how we find comfort in our homes. London-based studio, Owl Design recognizes the importance of details in making these everyday rituals that much easier.

Their Coppermaker Square project (above) beautifully demonstrates this approach with its effervescent use of color and soft upholstered headboard.

'We love an upholstered headboard at Owl, not only do they make reading in bed comfortable without the need for extra cushions, but they also look luxurious and inviting and give off a ‘hotel vibe’ in your own home,' reveal founders, Sophie van Winden and Simone Gordon.

Color and comfort work in unison here and the results speak for themselves. Take inspiration from this project and consider how you can elevate your existing items with a touch of exciting upholstery from densely patterned dining chairs to your bespoke upholstered headboard.


Far Studio drapery bedroom

(Image credit: Far Studio)

The ethereal floor-to-ceiling drapes featured in this bedroom design by Far Studio make the case for an enveloping alternative to traditional curtains.

Not only does the length of the fabric create the illusion of taller ceilings but it also adds a quiet kind of symmetry to the room. The result is a space that feels soft and serene in every corner.

'We love going with warmer tones in a bedroom and using drapery to add texture and create a true oasis. This paint color is called Slumber Sloth - and is one of my favorites for a bedroom.

'It creates a sense of peace and relaxation mixed with the burl wood nightstands, shearling Danish sofa, and off-white textured bed,' says Brittany Wurzak Hakimfar, founder of Philadelphia-based, Far Studio.

From a functional perspective, the super-long drapes can also give you the comfort of a better night's sleep as they may work better to block out light better than blinds. Be sure to consider a black-out option when designing your dream bedroom.


bespoke pink breakfast nook

(Image credit: Astrid Templier, Design: DE ROSEE SA))

Designers are becoming increasingly creative when it comes to making the most of spaces. Every inch of square footage is utilized to make spaces work harder for their inhabitants.

Comfort in this instance comes from the calm of knowing you don’t have to compromise or cram together for every activity. This includes crafting a bespoke nook for you to enjoy your breakfast each morning or take a break away from everyone.

A sentiment echoed by British interior design studio, DE ROSEE SA. 'Bespoke breakfast nooks are a brilliant way to introduce comfort and a place to pause and unwind within even the smallest of spaces.

'In our London townhouse project, the dining nook with upholstered banquette seating can act as a dining area, a cozy reading spot, or a functional workspace,' share DE ROSEE SA directors, Max de Rosée and Claire Sá.


Regis Botta living room

(Image credit: Luc Boegly, Design: Régis Botta)

Timeless design rejects the idea of trends in favor of something more everlasting. This approach to interiors is gaining traction as clients seek to create spaces that stand the test of time.

Comfort is key as designers build soothing schemes as shown in this room by Regis Botta. The gentle tones of cream and sand complement the natural tones of the light wood perfectly, living room lighting is applied in layers creating a subtle yet striking design.

'I like to work on contemporary interior design, but with a timeless feel thanks to the combination of materials and tones. For each of my projects, I try to find just the right nuance. For me, it's also a way of working on the comfort of a space,' says Parisian architect, Régis Botta.

When designing your own comforting interior, consider the longevity and joy that each design decision brings you.


Studio Castille panoramic wallpaper

(Image credit: Studio Castille)

Find comfort in your favorite vacation spots with a wallpaper mural. Rejecting minimal notions of calm, this approach relies on something more personal – your memories.

By choosing a paper that depicts your dream destination, your interior becomes the doorway to escape. 'We love using panoramic wallpaper to dress up walls, a trend that is very popular at the agency. Their ability to transform spaces into immersive works of art is truly captivating,' explain founders Mathilde Abeel and France Lepoutre.

'As interior designers, we love the striking visual impact they bring to a room, creating unique and memorable atmospheres. These wallpapers are much more than just a wall covering, they represent a real opportunity to tell a story and add character and personality to a room.'

This approach is perfect for those seeking comfort but with a maximalist touch.


Huma Sulaiman Design living room

(Image credit: Stephen Karlisch, Design: Huma Sulaiman Design)

At first glance, the idea of mixing different fabrics may seem more chaotic than comforting but this project from Huma Sulaiman Design proves otherwise. The striking upholstery celebrates the warm tones of the wood and rug that surrounds it, softening this space in a multitude of ways.

'This home was designed for clients who gravitate towards minimalist design. Throughout the home, shades of black, grey, and white dominate, but the library is envisioned to be distinct.

'The Mah Jong sofa instills a cozy ambiance, complemented by the wood paneling and fireplace. When the fireplace is lit, it casts an amber glow against the wood, accentuating the pinkish hue of the fabric,' reveals LA-based interior designer, Huma Sulaiman.

The designer recommends that you consider your living room color scheme as a whole when choosing your fabrics. 'Use fabrics that are soft to the touch and inviting, that have both a mixture of texture and pattern.

'Also, it is good to either limit the overall palate to a few colors or use a range of colors that are in the same tonal family making up a coherent scheme. The use of too many colors can be overstimulating and will not allow the mind to relax. Plush seating will also encourage guests to relax and chat,' adds Sulaiman.


Amy Carman colourful artwork

(Image credit: Amy Carman)

Texture isn’t the only road to creating a comforting interior, emotive living room wall art can also encourage feelings of peace and comfort in your home.

Wisconsin-based designer, Amy Carman beautifully contrasts the sophistication of this movie room with this emotive painting. The cozy nature of this room is made that much more inviting by the color centerpiece,' shares Amy Carman, founder of Amy Carman Design

'A new movie room, large enough to accommodate the entire family, was a must. From the beginning, the design team knew that the centerpiece of the room would be a stunning scenic painting that had been in the owner's family for generations.

'The incredible art piece depicts a sprawling American landscape representing the culture and natural beauty of the country from east to west. The client's grandfather, a dentist, received the painting as payment from a patient who couldn't afford her dental bill. The gorgeous piece regularly stops visitors in their tracks. It brought tears to the client's eyes the first time she saw it installed in her new space. The rich colors and dynamic movement are set off by the dark navy wainscoting that envelops the room.'

This project serves as a great reminder that artwork is a powerful ingredient when designing your interior. It can conjure many feelings within your home and make you feel that much more comfortable.

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