4 candle scents that the people with the best-smelling homes choose to fragrance their rooms with in fall

Fragrance experts reveal the scents you should be using during fall for a welcoming and cozy home

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Scent is a vital aspect of any home. It plays an important role in setting the mood for your space and creating different zones in your home. But as we transition into fall we need to utilize different scents to invoke a change in seasons and reflect our changing needs from our home. 

As soon as the calendar flips over to October, a home that smells like fall is all I am after. Some people seem to nail this scent and as you step foot in their home you are instantly hit by the sweet aromas of autumn. This fragrance instantly creates acozy atmosphere that ushers you into its warm embrace. These fragrances are so complex it can be difficult to pin down one specific note. Is it cinnamon? Vanilla? Or something I've never heard of? While looking at how to make a house smell good while exuding cozy fall vibes, I've hunted down all the fragrances the people with homes that smell like fall are using. 

We gathered the advice of scent experts who have revealed the fragrances that people use to make their home smell like fall. 

1. Sweet and Spicy

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No fall-smelling home would be complete without a whiff of cinnamon and spice. when it comes to fall fragrance you really can't go wrong with those classic notes of pumpkin, ginger, and vanilla to create a welcoming and cozy environment. They are classics for a reason. 

In summer we look out for fragrances that are light and refreshing, but come fall the criteria changes. 'When it comes to home scents, you can create personal atmospheres that adapt to your mood or the season,' says fragrance expert Amanda Morgan, from luxury fragrance brand Diptyque. T

She explains the key to nailing traditional fall scents is thinking of the humble pumpkin pie. 'For autumn, Diptyque's Citrouille candle is inspired by the sweet and spicy notes of traditional pumpkin pie, making it a great choice for warm, comforting moments. Other autumnal scents like Feu de Bois or a resinous scent like Ambre, create a cozy, warm atmosphere,' she explains.

It is all about using scents that make you feel a certain way, and for fall that is warming and comforting fragrances that are sweet and spicy. 

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2. Fruity

When I think of fall, I think of all the rich fruits that are in abundance at this time of year. Finding a fragrance that encapsulates this scent can be tricky, but when you find one, it is the epitome of fall. 'The White Company's signature scent Autumn is a gloriously bright and fruity scent inspired by afternoons spent picking fruits from the orchard,' says Mark Winstanley, Chief Creative Officer of The White Company. 'Notes of crisp pear, quince, and apricot blend with warming musk and amber for a rich, welcoming fragrance that marks the change in season,' he says. 

Part of the allure of adopting a fall fragrance is appreciating a seasonal change. As the weather changes the way we interact with our home changes too. It can be important to denote different areas in your home, particularly if you are working from home. Together with scent layering, a fall fragrance can help you switch off and relax.

3. Warm and smoky

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If sweet fall scents aren't really your thing, there are other scents that will instantly invoke a sense of fall in your home. Vanilla and cinnamon dominate candle sales as soon as the weather gets cooler but they may be too sickly for some people's tastes.

Fortunately, there are alternatives that create a more understated scent that is equally welcoming and gorgeous. 'Warm, smoky fragrances create a cozy and cocooning atmosphere during the winter months,' says co-founder of home fragrance brand Earl of East, Paul Firmin. You could try Earl of East's Smoke & Must candle, available from Nordstrom

Woody and smoky fragrances create a sense of being in a cozy cabin in the woods with a log-burning fire and hot tea. This nostalgic fragrance is perfect for creating a fall vibe without the need to venture out into the cold forest. 

To create a warm ambiance this season opt for fragrances with green balsam fir notes. Incense can also be a popular choice in fall as it adds a more long-lasting subtle fragrance. 'Incense appeals to our collective craving for comfort and the ritualistic element of lighting an incense cone or stick at home makes them a firm favorite at this time of year,' explains Paul. Incense can also be paired with complimenting candles to create a unique and personalized fragrance for your home.

4. Forest greens

Woody earthy scents are a great alternative for people adverse to sweet scents like cinnamon and vanilla. This kind of scent has the ability to instantly transport you. 'The type of scent we use in our homes has an extraordinary ability to shift our moods,' says Mark. Which is why it is essential to select a scent that is uplifting to you. For some that might be 'dew-soaked bracken, green moss on fallen branches and a crackling fire,' for others a deep fruity fragrance. 

'Oakmoss is warm & comforting, a perfect partner as you curl up in a favorite armchair with a mug of cocoa,' says Mark, which sounds like the ideal evening in your reading nook. 'Let this calming scent envelop your senses: earthy oakmoss, layered with warming sandalwood, rich amber, and soft leather,' for the perfect fall home scent, says Mark.

Ultimately fall smells different to everyone. To nail fall fragrance in your home pick out the notes that make you nostalgic and base your pick based on this. Don't be afraid to layer complimentary scents to create something unique to you.

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