5 Bathrooms With Dreamy Bathtubs That Would be Perfect to Soak Away the January Blues

Is there anything more indulgent and revitalizing than a sumptuous soak in the bath? These are 5 of our favorite tubs that we're dreaming of dipping into this January

Sunken bathtub
(Image credit: Corinne Mathern)

The dust has officially settled and the festive season is well and truly behind us - leaving torn wrapping paper, empty Christmas crackers, and countless sore heads in its wake. It's not unusual to feel frazzled and worn out once the curtain closes on Christmas - and an indulgent soak in the bath is, in our eyes, the perfect medicine to soothe the January blues. 

We've compiled five of our favorite dream bathtubs that we're drooling over right now. Whether pink and retro or sleek and stone, these modern bathroom tubs are all giving us major relaxation goals. 

1. This sleek stone tub

A bathroom with tactile surfaces

(Image credit: LOAK)

Simply looking at this picture, you feel like you've suddenly been transported to a paradise resort worlds away from the biting January cold. This bathtub exudes pure spa-like serenity. Cocooned beneath the shade of an indoor palm tree and bathed in dappled light from the wooden skylight above, this bathtub feels cozy yet sleek and minimalist. The bath's tactile finishes add to the earthy and tropical feel, bringing dimension to the space while seamlessly blending into the bathroom's neutral color scheme - it's the ultimate minimalist bathroom.

According to Kashi Shikunova, director of YAM Studios, natural stone with a textured or matt finish creates 'a feeling of understated luxury and earthiness which is a great contrast to clean lines.'

2. This bathtub with a view.

Sunken bathtub

(Image credit: Corinne Mathern)

You'd be forgiven for thinking upon first glance that you were looking at a sink here - despite the optical illusion at play, this is actually an awe-inspiring bathtub. The soothing neutral shades in this light-filled space combined with delicate plants create an aura of peace and serenity, making it one of our favorite master bathroom ideas.

Corinne Mathern of Corinne Mathern Studio describes how every element of this bathtub comes together harmoniously to create a calming environment. 

'This may be our favorite tub situation, surrounded by Ceppo stone, natural light, and plant sculptures,' she says. 'The clients wanted a tub that felt timeless and soothing so we brought in a stone with sculptural shapes in it and soft window treatments that still let the light filter in.'

3. This trendy transparent tub

a transparent bath

(Image credit: Antoniolupi)

Is there anything more enviable and luxurious than a freestanding bath in a bedroom? Every element of this room makes it feel airy and boundless - including the tub, which is made of color-tinted transparent material, which was a huge bathtub trend throughout 2023. 

The see-through tub is a stunningly contemporary sculptural statement that you desperately want to melt into - bathing in this tub, you'd feel like you're floating.

The sophisticated resin material used here is, according to Andrea Lupi, CEO of antoniolupi, ideal for bathtubs. 'The material can realize highly sculptural, dramatic and daring designs that appear lightweight. The subtle edges open a pure, capacious and ergonomic volume that appears as if floating in space thanks to its narrow base.'

4. This retro pink tub

a built in bathtub with pink tiles

(Image credit: Anson Smart. Design: Greg Natale)

Built-in bathtubs experienced a renaissance in 2023 - and thanks to this tub, designed by Australian interior designer Greg Natale, we can see why. The black and pale pink bathroom tiles used across the walls and floors are sleek and minimalist, yet still inject some fun and personality into the room. 

There's something cozy about a built-in bathtub - you can perch candles (or maybe even a glass of wine) on the side as you enjoy your soak. The tiered step-up to the bath draws you towards it- an inviting and majestic addition to this beautiful, retro space.

5. This sunken tiled tub

a deep sunken tiled bath with green tiles

(Image credit: George Barberis. Design: Bright Designlab)

To call this a 'bathtub' feels like an understatement - this tiled, sunken bath is fit for a Roman villa. The steps descending into this sea-foam blue tub endow it with an opulent feel - the world around seems to sink away as you immerse yourself into it. 

Alissa Pulcrano, founder of Bright DesignLab, designed this bathroom to be a showstopper. 'We reconfigured the ensuite bathroom and created a spa-like experience; complete with sauna, steam shower, cold plunge, and foot washing station.' 

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