This Vineyard Home Has Convinced Me That These 4 Materials Are Literally Perfect Together

We speak to interior designer Corinne Mathern about how wood, plaster, stone and travertine created the perfect blend of materials for this ranch-style home

A kitchen showcasing mixed materials
(Image credit: Nicole Franzen. Design: Corinne Mathern)

Just three hours from Los Angeles, in the heart of wine country, this residence stands as a sophisticated sanctuary, a harmonious blend of rural charm and contemporary elegance.

Corinne Mathern and her team wanted to create a calming, inspiring space that was a beautiful backdrop to the homeowners’ lives, inspired by the natural surroundings. The result is a home that has been meticulously shaped around mixed materials, and the designer lovingly combines like plaster, natural wood and moody black stones to bring a layered warmth. 'Wood, plaster and stone are our go-to materials and in this gorgeous vineyard setting - they felt effortless, elegant, and just right,' says Corinne.

To find out more, we speak to the designer about her thought process behind the materials used in this modern home steeped in history.

1. Wood

A living room with plaster walls and mixed flooring

(Image credit: Nicole Franzen. Design: Corinne Mathern)

Throughout the home, wide-plank hardwood floors are the common thread in every room, with a dark, almost russet tone to the color that contributes to the wider warm color scheme.

'The house had these incredible, original pine floors that established a base, a soul and a jumping-off point for the design,' explains Corinne Mathern.

'We refinished them and sealed the floors. It was a real source of inspiration for the rest of the project because the floors were so beautiful and just had such incredible patina.'

2. Plaster

A living room with plaster walls and mixed flooring

(Image credit: Nicole Franzen. Design: Corinne Mathern)

On the walls, the smooth and textured finish of cream-colored plaster creates a monastic feel. The color was a custom color that the designers developed with Vasari Plaster, and has a subtle undertone of yellow that brings warmth to the space.

The homeowners had an incredibly detail-oriented finishing contractor named “Maestro”. who they entrusted with the plaster finishes, explains Corinne. 'As a one-man show, the project progressed slowly, but the artful finishes made the time investment worthwhile. The project took two years from signing the contract to installation,' she says. 'We really leaned into artistry and handmade finishes throughout the house.'

'The living room with the wood-burning fireplace is one of my favorite rooms in the house,' she adds Corinne. 'The vintage Michael Taylor sofa and chairs that were reupholstered in Pierre Frey Mohair, the pine floors, black stone, and plastered walls make up my dream room.'

3. Stone

A kitchen with mixed materials

(Image credit: Nicole Franzen. Design: Corinne Mathern)

A key element of the kitchen's design is the kitchen flooring, and how it beautifully contrasts against the hardwood-topped island and beams above. With large grout lines that highlight and create an intricate pattern, and a cracked appearance, the stone adds that natural feel.

'All of the materials that we used are “of the earth” and pull the exterior environment to the interior so they blend as one,' says Corinne.

In this instance, the stone has a leathered quality. Leathered stone is different from normal stone flooring in that it has almost a leather-like appearance, with small cracks and fissures that add character and charm instead of the smooth, matte look of regular stone. 'This stone was local and sourced in Santa Ynez and the kitchen flagstone transitions into the living room with pine stairs,' explains Corinne.

A bathroom with stone sink

(Image credit: Nicole Franzen. Design: Corinne Mathern)

Stone also makes its way throughout the home in the form of accessories and decor. 'One of my favorite rooms is the powder room which has an incredible carved rock sink that our client had made previously,' says Corinne.

'We paired it with a simple, custom table and sconces to let it shine. I love that room, it's such a work of art,' she says.

The rock sink was the owner’s design and existed in the house before Corinne and her team started the renovation. 'We pared down the materials and brought in minimal details throughout the space so that the sink could sing.'

4. Travertine

A bathroom with mixed materials including travertine and wood

(Image credit: Nicole Franzen. Design: Corinne Mathern)

Travertine is another material used in the home, reserved for a modern bathroom. 'The primary bathroom comprised four travertine slabs,' explains Corinne. 'The striped pattern throughout the stone lends a sense of order and calm throughout the space.'

The use of travertine contrasts beautifully with the plasterwork with its beautiful natural veining. It has a wonderful rustic simplicity to it and helps add texture and dimension. Travertine makes a simple addition to a bathroom. It can be costly, but it's easy to maintain and clean, durable (although sometimes prone to scratches if treated poorly), and creates such a wonderfully peaceful feel in the space.

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