Florist Nikki Tibbles' house pays vibrant homage to her profession

Nikki Tibbles' house is proof the top florist delights in taking her work home with her in a house that is fabulously festooned with wall-to-wall florals

Nikki Tibbles' house


A five-storey terrace in west London with an open-plan kitchen-diner (plus laundry) on the lower-ground floor and a double reception room on the ground floor. There’s another living room on the first floor, master bedroom suite on the second floor and aguest bedroom and en suite on the third floor.


Unsurprisingly, given Nikki's day job creating breathtaking bouquets and show-stopping party pieces for clients such as Valentino, Betty Jackson and Liberty, floral motifs fill every space and cover every surface, from wallpaper to sofas, embroidered cushions to paintings.

In the mix, there are tactile textures with Chanel-esque bouclé tweeds, rag rugs, rough linens, crochet curtains and, of course, real flowers arranged in dozens of the vases Nikki has passionately collected since she started in the business more than 20 years ago.

Nikki Tibbles' house

Nikki wanted this space to be warm and cosy for snuggling up in the winter.

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She discovered Ellie Cashman’s Dark Floral hand-printed wallpaper on Instagram, and loves the way it feels like being surrounded by an old Dutch oil painting.

Nikki Tibbles' house


The living room’s Dark Floral print is repeated on the curtains in the neighbouring study area. While the living room is purposely cosy, with velvet drapes, the study is more summery and the curtains are linen.


Each floor has a different feel. The basement is vibrant and bright where anything and everything can work. As long as there’s a moment of rest in every room, if just for the calm backdrop of a grey wall, then Nikki believes there are no rules for right and wrong.

The yellow shelving unit was inspired by another momenton Instagram. Nikki’s ceramic and glass collection includes her vintage and limited-edition Tom Dixon hand-blown vessels.


Nikki wanted it to feel simple and streamlined in the modern kitchen, 'with a grown-up fridge that made ice'.

Nikki Tibbles' house

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)


The Terence Woodgate sofa is in its third reincarnation. New upholstery has given it a new lease of life.

Nikki Tibbles' house


Nikki likes the way things feel more 3-D by playing with layers of texture.

Nikki Tibbles' house

Once a plain and simple grey, the Edro bed has been covered in a bold floral fabric.

Nikki Tibbles' house

It may be elegant and grown-up, but it's far from precious, with five dogs, given free reign throughout the house, Nikki jokes that the sofas are the most expensive dog beds she could have ever bought.

Nikki Tibbles' house


The grown-up glamour of the marble bathroom was the pièce de résistance for Nikki.

Nikki Tibbles' house

Find out about Wild at Heart and Nikki's work here.

Photography / Paul Raeside


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