'It's Paris meets Palm Beach' - the Gwyneth-approved "goop Villa" is a masterclass in modern, elegant design

The goop Villa at The Colony Hotel is as serene and beautifully designed as expected

goop villa living room with white rounded sofa and picture of Gwyneth Paltrow
(Image credit: Carmel Brantley. goop Villa at The Colony Hotel)

It was only a matter of time before Gwyneth Paltrow officially turned her hand to interiors what with Goop already having an established presence in the home. And of course, most of us will be familiar with Gwyneth’s Montecito home which is now internet-famous due to its incredibly calming, contemporary, and cozy design aesthetic. 

The debut of The Goop Villa at The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach is a celebration of Goop’s 15th anniversary and the brand’s much-coveted products. Reimagined by Goop and designed by interior design studio Ronen Lev, the 2,524-square-foot two-bedroom villa mirrors the feminine Parisian aesthetic that Goop is renowned for, blended with the vibrant spirit of Palm Beach. 

‘We’ve always dreamed of a Goop residence, a place where people could immerse themselves into our world of gorgeous, meditative interiors, with luxurious clean beauty in the bathrooms and elegant, timeless fashion in the closet,’ says Gwyneth. To find out more, we spoke with the team that helped bring this aesthetic to life and found the secrets to achieving such a welcoming feel so you can recreate the look in your modern home

'The initial brief was first and foremost to create a special and memorable experience that reflects the essence of goop and its journey over the past 15 years,' explains Jessica Kamel, co-founder of Ronen Lev. 'In terms of the desired design direction, we wanted to blend a modern, feminine Parisian aesthetic with the vibrant spirit of Palm Beach.'

Here's how they did it. 

A light color palette sets the tone for a serene space  

living room with white curved sofa and floral wallpaper

(Image credit: Carmel Brantley. goop Villa at The Colony Hotel)

Stepping into the villa is like stepping into a calming oasis. 'Our goal was to transport guests into an immersive experience that felt like they were visiting a summer house in the south of France, staying in a chic friend's apartment in Paris, or enjoying a weekend getaway at a Palm Beach hotel,' says Jessica. 'We aimed to evoke a sense of serenity, sophistication, and wanderlust. We wanted all these experiences to seamlessly come together and evoke the essence of the goop brand, offering a captivating and transporting experience for our guests.'

Light colors are mixed with natural accents and textures that come from different materials being used, such as wood, jute, linen, and stone. You can’t help but notice the equally modern yet timeless floor treatment, which is a key element in the design’s overall incredibly cozy aesthetic, beautifully complementing the color palette

bedroom with dressing table and floral wallpaper

(Image credit: Carmel Brantley. goop Villa at The Colony Hotel)

'The wallpaper is actually from a collaboration between goop and Fromental that we knew from the beginning we wanted to incorporate into the design,' Jessica adds. 'The Villa's aesthetic leans towards timelessness, with a nod to classic design elements with a feminine touch. The floral motifs in the Fromental wallpaper works beautifully with our selected color palette and the graceful curves within the design.'

‘The palette was neutral but noteworthy, with pops of pink, blue, and green that lean into lovely textures and patterns,' the team at Armadillo Rugs, in charge of supplying the rugs in the villa, told us. 'The rugs chosen were soft, feminine, and tactile, tying together the overall décor while inviting further exploration. They are woven by hand, giving them a depth and dimension that oozes ease and comfort.’ 

Meanwhile, the tones of blush, grey, and seafoam green are a nod to Goop and The Colony Hotel’s signature hues. 

Natural materials and textures create a cozy atmosphere 

Bedroom in natural colors with wood side table

(Image credit: Carmel Brantley. goop Villa at The Colony Hotel)

There is a feel of overall quiet elegance that's contemporary but equally enduring. The secret to achieving this while keeping a cozy den feel and welcoming atmosphere is the mix of the light palette with warm materials. Materiality is an important thread in the villa design which incorporates rattan, marble, antiqued mirror, and mohair.

The design further enhances the cozy aesthetic and eclectic look by weaving together woven textures and floral motifs: a heartfelt tribute to the elegance and romance of Paris and the natural beauty of Palm Beach.  

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