'It's been totally transformed with paint' – this London "new build" is filled with hundreds of clever, colorful ideas

This home is a lesson in how to make your home joyful with the power of paint - and it's the ultimate dopamine fix

paint ideas colorful dining room
(Image credit: Taran Wilkhu. Design: PL Studio)

Paint is the great equalizer when it comes to interior design - for many homes, it's the backdrop to a space regardless of what type of furniture you fill it with. Your choice of paint, or color for that matter, can chalk up to be one of the most transformative things you'll do to a room. However, it's fair to say some uses of paint can be more impactful than others. 

That's the case in this newly built East London home, a kaleidoscopic and characterful space filled with clever use of color and unique paint ideas. The essence of the 'dopamine decor' trend, interior designers and color consultants Sabrina Panizza and Aude Lerin, founders of PL Studio, have curated a home where a thoughtful mix of vintage furniture and geometric shapes collide to reflect the client's personality and style perfectly. 

We caught up with the designers to discover how they turned this previously-blank modern home into a haven for their color-loving clients. 

A home for color-lovers 

a green bedroom with blue bedding

A tonal green palette, with graphic, undulating shapes is interrupted by a bolt of electric blue in the bedroom 

(Image credit: Taran Wilkhu. Design: PL Studio)

It doesn't take long from stepping in the front door of this home to see how Sabrina and Aude from PL Studio have been inspired by a maximalist color scheme, but the palette has been carefully curated to create a specific atmosphere. 'Our aim was to create a welcoming, bold and colorful home, where the homeowners could host friends and family in a joyful and eclectic environment,' says Sabrina, 'a space that reflected our clients’ personalities and joyful spirits; a home filled with positive energy.' 

a room with a painted stripe ceiling

In many of the rooms, Sabrina and Aude have utilized painted ceilings to play with the sense of proportion. 

(Image credit: Taran Wilkhu. Design: PL Studio)

This home exudes playfulness and positivity, without feeling overbearing. Maximalism isn't for the faint-hearted but this home strikes the perfect balance. 'Overall, we believe we achieved a maximal minimalist aesthetic,' says Aude. 'Where colors and shapes are the most daring, boosting energy, joy and creativity, but the space doesn’t feel excessive when it comes to layers and patterns,' she explains. 'Each element has been carefully selected, to create harmony and balance.'

Blue sky thinking 

green sofa in pink living room

A soft palette of peach and pinks on the walls is balanced by the bright green couch and a blue, cloudy-sky fresco on the ceiling in the living room. 

(Image credit: Taran Wilkhu. Design: PL Studio)

The bold colors and unique paint ideas in this home are striking, and an area we can all take inspiration from. Utilizing color has a transformative power in the design process. From a blank canvas, it has completely brought this newly built house to life. 

'We are naturally drawn to colors as they instill so much energy into a room!', says Aude. This is especially important when decorating a new build, as Sabrina explains. 'There is quite a lot of doubt and perplexity around new-build properties,' she says, 'as they can be seen as "cold" and characterless compared to historical properties, however, we want to show how it is absolutely possible to create a home with lots of personality and character anyway. It just takes a bit of courage.'

The pair utilized brighter and warmer colors that make you feel happy and energetic to invoke positive emotions and excitement after experimenting with bold shades in their own home. 'We noticed the positive effect that the design had on us, so we are huge advocates of uplifting colors and bold patterns for a feel-good factor, mood boost, and overall happiness.'

a entryway painted in bright cobalt blue

The entryway sets the tone for the home, using a bright blue that ties each room in the property together. 

(Image credit: Aude Lerin. Design: PL Studio)

If innovative paint ideas are on the cards for your next remodel, this home is packed full of inspiration. We love the way different shades have been used to create illusions and give depth to the space. 'We don’t follow any rules,' says Sabrina, 'we tend to just go with our gut and inspiration, using paint as freely as possible to give life to an eye-catching interior.' What wise advice to design by.

Both designers and their clients were very much inspired by the Moroccan aesthetic, which you can clearly observe from the entryway. The symbolic 'Majorelle' blue paired with the antique gold pendant lamp embodies their love of the country perfectly.

sabrina panizza and aude lerin
Sabrina Panizza and Aude Lerin

Sabrina and Aude, raised in Milan and Paris respectively, share the same vision. Inspired by the captivating use of colour of some of the most iconic decorative art and design movements of the 20th century, the creative duo looks beyond the trends to create elegant, yet playful interiors dominated by the joy of the unexpected and an unconventional no-rules approach.

The ordinary, extraordinary 

living room paint ideas

Once a white box, this room is now filled with color - a palette that creates a peaceful yet uplifting atmosphere.

(Image credit: Taran Wilkhu. Design PL Studio)

When each room is such a showstopper in its own right, it can be hard to create a common thread that creates the sense of cohesion you want across a home, but that isn't the case here. Each room flows seamlessly into the next, creating a sense of harmony. This balance was carefully created by the designers, who focused on including a unifying feature throughout the house.

'Proceeding room by room, we made sure to incorporate the same colors in different shades to keep a lovely connection throughout,' explains Aude. 'The Majorelle blue features throughout the townhouse and from the entrance it accompanies the eyes all the way up to the living room.'

'Colors can help create spaces with a very unique identity, but at the same time they can contribute to building a unifying aesthetic,' Aude adds.

paint ideas doorway

The simple doors of the new build home have been transformed into artworks, thanks to some creatives decorating ideas. 

(Image credit: Taran Wilkhu. Design PL Studio)

Another unifying element is the features of 'surrealist' wall murals throughout the townhouse. The designers have emulated playful trompe-l'œil that immediately become talking points. This influence is apparent in the many painted arches and Renaissance-style clouded ceilings. 'For us, it is like adding a different dimension to the space, and a magical atmosphere,' says Sabrina.

a bathroom with black painted paneling

While taking a more pared back approach in this bathroom, the strong black lines of the wall paneling and fixtures give this space 'Pop Art' appeal.

(Image credit: Taran Wilkhu. Design: PL Studio)

This home brings so much joy and provides endless inspiration. 'I feel excited anytime I step into the townhouse as the entrance really does have a “wow” factor,' says Aude. 'The vibrant Mediterranean color palette adds warmth and joy, and it is a pleasure to just sit on the armchair and take everything in,' she says. 

From the rectangular shapes in the dining room to the archways in the living room, it's the perfect balance - not an easy job when you're juggling so many colors and forms in one home.

Whether you're a color lover, or color-adverse, there's so much to be inspired by in this home. 

Everything you need to nail your next paint idea

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