This Chicago home features a curvy kitchen cabinet trend that designers predict will make waves in 2024

The contemporary take on shaker cabinetry adds an extra element of intrigue to this neutral home

minimalist living room
(Image credit: John and Maura Stoffer, Design: Pernille Lind Studio)

If you're planning a total (or even partial) home renovation in 2024 you'll want to pin this design on your inspiration board immediately. This beautiful Chicago family home is completely lust-worthy and displays some of our favorite emerging trends, including a curvy cabinet idea that we predict will take over our kitchens in 2023.

This project nails the timeless contemporary mix that simultaneously enhances the original features and deviates from the traditional design. What has been created is a welcoming family home in which there is space to socialize and unwind. We're particularly envious of the gorgeous modern kitchen which puts a contemporary spin on traditional-style cabinetry. We take a look at how Pernille Lind Studio has transformed this 5-bedroom 1920s house in the historical Frank Lloyd Wright district, into a clean, contemporary family home.

modern hallway

(Image credit: John and Maura Stoffer, Design: Pernille Lind Studio)

Given the historical significance of the location, designers at Pernille Lind Studio made a conscious effort to appreciate the traditional elements of the home. 'The house was built in the historical Frank Lloyd Wright district of Chicago in 1920, so it was our desire to preserve the house’s classic style whilst enhancing it with contemporary elements,' explains Pernille Lind, Design Director at Pernille Lind Studio.

The designers have managed to keep the charm of the original house while infusing it with a modern airiness and feeling of serenity. 'To achieve this, we opted for a predominantly light color scheme, throughout the space,' she explains. Paired with the original red oak floors helps to ground the space a retain authenticity. 'We also aimed to capture the more eccentric and travel-inspired side of our client - contrasting the building’s more charming traditional details with wonderfully weathered vintage pieces.'

modern kitchen idea with curved cabinets

(Image credit: John and Maura Stoffer, Design: Pernille Lind Studio)

At the same time, the team worked to update the layout of the home to make it more suitable for the clients. 'With a focus on heightened functionality to suit the modern family lifestyle, we reimagined pivotal areas such as the kitchen and dining space, opening these areas up to cultivate a welcoming family-centric "heart of the home",' says Pernille. 

The large kitchen island not only provides oodles of practical space but also ticks off many of the biggest kitchen trends for 2024. Paired with gorgeous curved kitchen cabinets with fluted glass, the kitchen should be your guide to your next renovation. Interior designer Kerrie Kelly from luxury kitchen designers Hestan has even dubbed it as one of the best choices to make for your kitchen. 

'The curved kitchen cabinet trend infuses a sense of fluidity and sophistication into the culinary hub, creating a gentle, inviting atmosphere,' Kerrie says. 'Employing these elegant curves in a renovation allows a "softening" of the kitchen's typical edges, adding a touch of grace and visual intrigue.' 

doorway to dining room

(Image credit: John and Maura Stoffer. Design: Pernille Lind Studio)

A neutral color scheme also helps with the softness of the space. 'The initial brief from the client was to create a European-inspired home with a serene palette of colors and materials,' explains Pernille. Drawing inspiration from the clients as well as her Danish heritage led to a space infused with luxurious touches with more hardy mid-modern sensibilities. 'Given the existing English and European architectural elements within the house, our aim was to amplify this aesthetic through carefully curated furnishings and interior accents,' she adds. 

They have achieved a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity by incorporating contemporary principles with the addition of handpicked antiques sourced throughout Chicago and the wider Michigan area. 'The result is a home with calm character reflecting the owners’ many travels, taste and aspiration of creating a "sanctuary", which allows them to dream of fond memories and past adventures.'

minimal luxury living room

(Image credit: John and Maura Stoffer. Design: Pernille Lind Studio)

While this home is exceptionally beautiful it still feels welcoming and homely, which is a tough feat for designers. 'My style is personal and approachable, always aiming to layer spaces by incorporating elements of history and nostalgia that resonate with my clients,' says Pernille. 

'We follow an approach that allows for an aesthetic that feels both familiar and evocative,' she goes on to explain. 'Steering away from harsh angles and sterile surfaces, the careful selection of vintage furniture and curated antiques features warm wooden tones and textures - ultimately creating a refined yet characterful environment that speaks to a broader worldly connection.' These principles have allowed for the creation of a cozy living room that will look polished.

open ensuite bath

(Image credit: John and Maura Stoffer. Design: Pernille Lind Studio)

This home provides endless inspiration for every inch of the home. Even if you don't have the luxury of starting from scratch you can try to emulate the design ethos in your home in small ways. With a few simple alterations and additions, your space could be transformed into a vision of serenity.

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