A Picasso, a Hirst, even a Banksy – this collectors' California home re-design revolves around their eclectic art

Interior design studio Electric Bowery used the homeowner's extensive art collection to lead the way in the re-design of this Californian home

a kitchen diner with artwork on the wall
(Image credit: Laure Joliet. Design: Electric Bowery)

The second I saw images of this home it put a smile on my face. Art is a wonderful medium to help curate unique interiors that have true character, but here, art is not just an accessory. In this home, art is a main character that is present wherever you look, almost as if you were finding yourself in a modern gallery. 

However, the space is far removed from the pure white, harsh light brightness of a modern museum. Instead, the the modern home's decor consist of a warm palette of neutrals paired with natural materials and textures allowing for the art to stand out and breathe, while also creating an inviting, homely atmosphere around it. It’s the art that brings color to the space, while the rest of the decor grounds it. 

The home was designed for a creative duo, art lovers and collectors, who have seen their selection become a driving force behind the renovation of their property. Here, we take a closer look at their bright, light, and art-filled space. 

A bright, art-filled home full of character 

dining room with wood table and chairs and sideboard, and large black and white artwork on wall

(Image credit: Laure Joliet. Design: Electric Bowery)

This unique art-filled Californian home is the brainchild of award-winning architecture and interior design studio Electric Bowery. Typical of the practice, it blends warmth, comfort, and a nod to its area’s unique personality. The homeowners, both creatives in the tech start-up world, are avid art collectors, whose collection was a vital part of this home transformation. 

The property, in close proximity to the hub of tech companies and film studios in Downtown Culver City, has been redecorated to feel much brighter and was infused with pops of color from pieces of fine art by the likes of Picasso, Damien Hirst, Retna, Shepard Fairey, Kaws, and Banksy. 

'We worked with the client’s incredible art collection as a starting point that inspired both color palette and form in the interior design decisions,' explains Daniella Gohari, design director at Electric Bowery. 'For example, in the dining room, the graphic black & white piece with shimmering highlights by Retna inspired a more geometric selection for the chandelier over the dining table.'

open plan dining and living room in neutral palette and with art on walls

(Image credit: Laure Joliet. Design: Electric Bowery)

With such artworks to display, the right lighting was an important factor. While the lighting design from the likes of Lindsey Adelman, Apparatus, and Rich Brilliant Willing brings a more contemporary touch to the project and complements the curation of the fine art collection as sculptures in their own right, it doesn’t take away any of the coziness of the space. 

Displayed on a background of warm whites and natural materials and textures, the wall art and lights don’t feel overwhelming at all - they complement each other and complete the rooms for a relaxed, retreat-like vibe. 'The living spaces are designed with soothing color palettes to serve as the subtle backdrop for some of the more vibrant colors in the art pieces,' explains Daniella.

A design that creates a comfortable retreat feel 

master bedroom in neutral colors with colorful artwork above bed

(Image credit: Laure Joliet. Design: Electric Bowery)

Any space designed to feel like a retreat will find itself amongst beautiful surroundings. This home is nestled in the charmingly green and sun-filled hillside of the Blair Hills Neighbourhood, with spectacular views of downtown LA. Inside, a classic Californian aesthetic complements the vast display of artwork. 

Light walnut wood ceilings are balanced by polished warm grey concrete floors. The interior design flows from a mid-century aesthetic, with warm, hand-hewn touches in the millwork and furniture selections. Off-white tones and textures of linen, leather, and stone add depth and interest to this neutral scheme without competing for attention and keeping an atmosphere of quiet luxury. To complete the retreat feel, a sun-drenched pool deck overlooks the beautiful city views. 

The recipe for this home’s success is the delicately balanced mix of a warm color palette, natural textures and materials that add depth and a sensory feel to the space, carefully chosen lighting, and a unique curation of artworks that add pops of color and make this home truly characterful and special.  

'In close collaboration with the homeowners, we worked to create an art plan in which the pieces spoke to one another and worked in harmony, both in terms of scale and palette,' Daniella tells us. 'Some of the most visually striking pieces were selected in the main living spaces while more conceptual pieces were located in quieter rooms within the house.'

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