'I'm Never Leaving My Bed!' — These 12 Wayfair Bedding Picks Are Cozy As Ever

Wayfair bedding options look just as good as they feel. Slip into your most blissful sleep ever with the best bedding picks this style editor has seen in some time

The best bedding from Wayfair, according to a style editor.
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Wayfair bedding is a bit of an editor's secret. As a department, it boasts a trove of soft, beautiful options,  — and at an affordable price, I might add. Wayfair’s dreamy designer-worthy styles are sturdily constructed out of an array of cozy materials from microfiber to cotton, so you can rest easy knowing that each will last for the long haul. 

So, if you’re looking to swiftly elevate both your sleep quality and the appearance of your bedroom, then look no further than this Wayfair editor’s choice selection.  It's where I've sourced many of my best bedding sets, the ones I'm most excited to have on the bed.

According to interior designer Artem Kropovinsky, “Good quality bedding is certainly a good investment that pays off.” Far more than an afterthought, bedding is the main event. “Quality bedding not only provides improved sleeping performance, but also lasts much better under the usage and washing,” explains the designer, adding, “It can definitely change the look of a room, creating an air of tranquility and also opulence.” 

After sifting through dozens upon dozens of pages, I’ve determined the very best bedding options that the retailer has to offer. From generously stuffed down comforters to ultra-soft fleece, I'll warn you — you may never leave your bed again. Sweet dreams are just a scroll away. 

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Best Wayfair Bedding

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Best Minimalist Bedding from Wayfair

Best Patterned Bedding from Wayfair

Best Classic Bedding from Wayfair

Best Textured Bedding from Wayfair

How should I care for my Wayfair bedding?

Properly maintaining your bedding is crucial to maintaining a restful sleep sanctuary. When it comes to promoting longevity, Kropovinsky says to keep it simple. He advises to wash bedding in cold water, use the gentlest possible detergent, and above all: “avoid bleach.” “Tumble dry at low to medium temperatures, and do not over-dry,” adds the designer. 

Although many of us like to keep our bedding situated for perhaps a little too long, Kropovinsky emphasizes to “rotate bedding sets regularly” for maximum lifespan. When not in use, store extra bedding in a cool dry place, ideally in cotton bags for breathability. 

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