Pottery Barn Table Lamps are So Good Right Now — 'It's One of the Best Places to Buy Lighting!'

The secret to the perfect mood? Lighting. So why settle for illumination that's anything less than stunning? Feast your eyes on the beauty that is Pottery Barn table lamps

best Pottery Barn table lamps
(Image credit: Pottery Barn)

Few things elevate a room so swiftly as a table lamp. They bring both function and artistry, instantly adding dignity to any space. With a wide range of options available, from showroom status to dorm room basic, choosing the right one can quickly feel like navigating a minefield. If you're seeking something foolproof — something with a beautiful ambient glow housed in an equally stunning exterior — a Pottery Barn table lamp is always a winner.

They're a bit like dogs — part of the same species, but a Rottweiler looks dramatically different from a Maltese. As seen in the options from the ongoing Pottery Barn sale, you'll find a diverse array of design-forward pieces in the retailer’s lamp assortment. Whether crafted from glass, ceramic, or rattan, ‘A sculptural lamp that has been designed with intention can create mood lighting in any living space,’ says renowned architect and interior designer Hafsa Burt. When executed well, ‘Lighting has demonstrated its ability to inspire, establish ambiance, or evoke emotions.’  Fortunately for us, crafting moods is well within Pottery Barn’s wheelhouse.

With nearly three hundred options to choose from, I've taken the liberty of sifting through them for you. Whether you need task lighting for reading or work, or simply want something pretty to look at, I've found the best options to suit your needs. Look no further — explore my brightest ideas below.

Best Pottery Barn Table Lamps

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Where should I put my Pottery Barn table lamp?

According to Hafsa, ‘a well placed source of artificial light can create a well thought out interior space increasing the occupants visual comfort’  So, where's the sweet spot? Interior designer Nicole Cullum sheds some light.

Nicole suggests placing table lamps on consoles or side tables to ‘help fill wall space’ and cast a showroom-worthy glow on nearby art pieces. If you're a bookworm, position your lamp near your favorite reading nook — whether it's an accent chair or desk — to provide the perfect task lighting for your literary adventures, she advises.

In my opinion, you can never have too many table lamps. So, don't hold back — indulge in one (or three!) of the options above for endless opportunities to layer your lighting. And if you find yourself with more lamps than places to put them, consider any one of these Pottery Barn end tables.

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