The 12 Best "French" Mirrors to Elevate Your Living Space — This is How You Bring Parisian Girl Chic Into Your Home

Bring on the drama, and bring on the glamour — these French-style mirrors are just the timeless elevation you've been seeking

The 12 best Parisian mirrors, according to a style editor.
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It’s no secret that the world has a soft spot for French style. We look to them for inspiration, whether it be their effortless style of dress to their classically cool interiors. Though, one unlikely item stands out as quintessentially Parisian, single-handedly elevating any space, and ultimately conveying that coveted French look — mirrors. 

Specifically, ornate mirrors, often glistening with gilded frames. They’re iconic — think of the House of Mirrors in Versailles. Spanning spaces large to small, it seems that most Parisian residences (or at least those we spot on Pinterest) feature one or more of these interior design ideas. Their ubiquitous popularity is unsurprising, since, according to interior designer Megan Hersch, Co-Founder and COO at roomLift, 'Parisian style mirrors bring so much decorating bang for their buck.' This ornate style is a relatively small investment to seriously enhance your home, from grand bathroom statements and mantle focal points to elegant hallway accents. 

According to Megan, Parisian mirrors are bonafide pieces of art, offering equal parts function and beauty. It's regretful that we can't all be French, but we can achieve a similarly chic nonchalance by embracing this elegant statement piece. And while, probably, the best French mirrors actually come from France, we've found 12 of the next best things from some of the best home decor stores this side of the Atlantic. 

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How should I style Parisian mirrors?

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Despite their grand appearances, Parisian mirrors are incredibly versatile. According to Megan, these ornate staples offer just enough 'over-the-top flourish' to work seamlessly within a space, acting as both art and 'a functional spot to check yourself as you walk out the door.'

If you’re working with a large space or looking to fill an empty corner, Megan Hersch says that Parisian-style floor mirrors are all that’s needed to transform that odd corner or hallway into a special statement. Though, if you do wish to add complementary decor, the designer recommends a fluffy fern, placing it in front, ‘to really fill in the look.'

When it comes to bathrooms, Parisian mirror styling is all about striking a balance between the old and new. ‘I love to bring in the elegance of these mirrors with a more contemporary sconce,’ shares Megan. Blending the mirror’s old world charm with new world sensibilities, Megan suggests matching its gold and brass elements with a slick white modern vanity — ‘That's how they do it in Paris of course!,’ she enthuses. 

These living room mirror ideas offer 10 unique ways to brighten up your space. 

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