9 things people who have Californian-inspired homes buy - laidback luxe looks

If you want to achieve a calming, effortlessly stylish aesthetic for your home then we’ve found the best home accessories to add to your space

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If there’s one home trend we can all get behind, surely it has to be California-style decor. This innately cool, calm, and relaxed aesthetic reflects the area after which it’s named. I, for one, can’t think of a better way to prolong the last sweet moments of summer than by incorporating accessories into your home that evoke pleasant memories of strolling barefoot down a sandy beach.

The best home decor stores are full of accessories to make your home’s aesthetic echo that of a beachside villa, and the beautiful thing is it takes as little as one or two of these pieces, carefully placed, to create a vibe without completely overhauling your space. From accessories featuring organic shapes and materials to statement-making centerpieces, I’ve found the very best bits of decor to add a ‘California Cool’ feel to your home.

Our top 9 California Cool decor picks

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Californian-inspired rugs and linens

Californian-inspired storage accessories

Californian-inspired statement pieces

How do I achieve California-style decor?

California-style decor is characterized by a cool, calming, laid-back aesthetic. It can be easily achieved through incorporating organic materials, muted color schemes and a generally light, airy feel.

When it comes to your chosen decor, any color that veers away from muted beiges, sands, and off-whites should reflect that of nature – I’m talking ocean blues and earthy tones. 

Organic materials are best – rattan, linen, wood, jute, and textured stoneware are all great options. And your decor pieces should feel organic in shape as well as material, so pieces like the driftwood candle holder and hand-carved wooden bowl above are ideal.

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