"You Can Enhance the Fluffiness" — The 'Sleep Better' Hacks I'm Shopping Now in the President's Day Sales

The Brooklinen President's Day Sale has arrived at last! Don't sleep on these tips and tricks to make your bedding look (and feel) as dreamy as possible

The best Brooklinen bedding.
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Few experiences rival the bliss of sinking into a sumptuously layered, cloud-like bed at the end of a long day. They say we spend about a third of our lives asleep, so why not make that time as indulgent as possible? Enter Brooklinen, a brand that has mastered the art of bedding since its humble beginnings as a sheet manufacturer to its current status as a household name in home essentials.

According to Ally Scheffer, Brooklinen's Senior Merchant and bed styling expert, achieving the plush, cloud-like appearance of hotel bedding is within reach through a few strategic approaches. "Opting for a comforter with a higher fill power is the simplest route to achieving that lofty look," she advises. "Alternatively, doubling up on comforters within a single duvet cover can also enhance the fluffiness." However, as any bedding enthusiast knows, achieving the perfect sleep sanctuary involves more than just adding fluff — each bedding layer, from pillowcases to duvets, must harmonize to create an inviting bedscape. With Scheffer's guidance, I've compiled this Brooklinen editor's choice bedding guide to help you style your sleep space like a pro. 

And with the Brooklinen President’s Day sale currently underway, there's no better time to indulge in one of the best bedding sets you've been eyeing. Dive into our guide for all the essentials and insider tips necessary to create a multi-dimensional bedding ensemble that's as visually stunning as it is cozy. Don't miss out on these fantastic deals — it's time to luxuriate in the comfort of Brooklinen's finest bedding selections.

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How to Style a Bed with Brooklinen

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According to Scheffer, the cornerstone of perfect bedding lies in the ideal foundation: sheets! She favors percale, reminiscing that luxurious sensation of hotel stays we mentioned earlier. Perfect for those prone to overheating, this fabric ensures a crisp, cool feel — no matter the conditions. While classic hues like cream or beige are always a good choice, try using sheets as an opportunity to infuse a touch of creativity with patterns or vibrant colors.

Quilts & Blankets

For a unique twist, instead of immediately opting for a duvet atop our base sheet, Scheffer proposes a bed blanket, which “makes a great layering item stylistically, while also functioning as an additional layer of warmth or a lighter top of bed option during those warm summer months.” To achieve that coveted designer layered bed appearance, Scheffer advises keeping a folded lightweight blanket at the bed's foot, introducing visual interest through unique color or texture.


Now, onto the duvet! To showcase those beautiful Brooklinen bedding layers, Scheffer advises laying your duvet down “so it exposes the bed blanket and the fold gives it that nice loft." She alternates between percale and linen for an effortlessly chic, relaxed look.

Pillows & Pillowcases

“As far as pillows go, you can have as much fun as you want!” Scheffer asserts. For minimalists, she suggests keeping it simple with a set of sleeping pillows and an extra set with shams that complement your duvet cover. With the finishing touch in place, Scheffer declares, "Voila! A gorgeous, dimensional, layered bed look.”

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