The best water filters: 6 top buys for the home and travel

The best water filters will remove impurities to give you clean and fresh-tasting water in no time. See our pick of the best water filters from water pitchers to travel bottles.

Zerowater filter - best water filters
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Whether you are health conscious or simply not keen on the taste of tap water, the best water filters can make all the difference. Not only are they effective for removing harmful contaminants, they also improve the taste, and even smell, making tap water more suitable for drinking and cooking. Best of all, using filtered water in a kettle or coffee machine can cut-down on limescale build-up, especially for those living in hard-water areas.

In addition, the best water filters are economical, saving you time and money on buying bottled water, aswell as eliminating plastics.  It’s worthwhile noting that most filters are recyclable or biodegradable, while others need to be binned. They don’t need to cost much either, so you can easily find a good filter from around the $20 mark. 

But with so many types on the market, it can be a little challenging to decide. From water pitchers and bottles, to countertop models, we’ve found some great water filters ideal for home and away, to suit all budgets.

Read our useful guide to find the best water filters to suit your home and lifestyle. 

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The best water filters

Apec water filter

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Best countertop water filter: a good balance for dispensing water straight from your counter

Type of filter: : Countertop
What it filters:: Chlorine taste and odor, heavy metal and controls microorganisms, bacteria, cysts and turbidity
Colors available: : 7
Reasons to buy
+No installation needed +Long lasting filter +Easy to use+Reasonable price
Reasons to avoid
-Only fits on standard taps and not compatible with other designs-Unappealing design

If you don’t want the hassle of an extensive installation process that usually comes with sink or tap filtration systems, this filters water directly from your countertop. Here's everything you need to know:

No installation needed

Unlike most under-the-sink or tap filters that require installation, this filter connects directly into your tap and sits next to it on the counter. It’s easy to install and the plug and drink makes it more convenient, striking the perfect balance. Bear in mind, this doesn’t fit all tap dimensions so just make sure it is suitable before you buy. 

3-in-1 ceramic filter

This combined, alkaline system effectively gets rid of harmful contaminants such as,  chlorine, radon, pesticides and more. Making this a superior water filter than other models.  

Lifestraw water bottle

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Best for travel: this water filter bottle is great for keeping you healthy and hydrated when on the move

Type of filter: : Water bottle
What it filters: : E-coli, parasites, micro-plastics, chemicals, chlorine, pesticides, turbidity, reduces odor and bad taste
Colors available: : 3
Capacity: : 0.7 liters
Reasons to buy
+Can access water anywhere to filter+ BPA-free+Easy to clean, dishwasher safe+Fold-away straw
Reasons to avoid
-Strong suction is needed for straw

If you’re constantly on the move or a keen traveller, the LifeStraw Go can filter water from practically anywhere. This will also save valuable time looking for a store to buy water. Here's why we love it:

Portable and convenient

The LifeStraw Go is the ideal travel companion for filtering water on the move. The best thing is, you’ll no longer have to worry about contamination or stomach bugs on vacation!  It’s also convenient for those hiking or camping expeditions where you can filter water from a stream or river.

Easy to use 

As far as water filters go, this is pretty simple to use. A filter is attached to the straw, so your water goes through filtration before you start drinking. A minor downside is the straw is small and may need stronger suction. But this is more user-friendly than most.

Zerowater filter

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Best for families: for busy households who want quick, filtered water for an affordable price

Type of filter: : Water pitcher
What it filters: : chlorine, other contaminants, reduces 99.6% of all total dissolved solids
Colors available: : 1
Capacity: : 5.4 liters
Reasons to buy
+Can dispense up to 23 cups+Large capacity+Comes with a water quality meter+Affordable price
Reasons to avoid
-Not dishwasher safe

If you’re after a practical  filter with a large capacity, this water pitcher is a great pick. Best of all, it’s simple and easy for all the family to use. Here's why we love it:  

Easy ‘push to dispense’ spout 

When you’re feeling dehydrated, you need a quick dispense to quench your thirst. This water pitcher has a one-hand, pull and pour button spout to quickly fill your glass with ease. A convenient feature for when you have a busy household. 

Large capacity dispenser 

This happens to be one of the largest capacity water filter dispensers on the market, holding  up to 23 cups. Making this the ideal pitcher for large families or gatherings and will save you time on refilling.  

Brita filter

(Image credit: Brita)


Best for longer lasting filter: with a long lasting filter of up to six months, this makes it a more convenient and cost-effective choice

Type of filter: : Water pitcher
What it filters: : Reduces 99% of lead, chlorine (taste and odor), cadmium, mercury, benzene, asbestos and more
Colors available: : 1
Capacity: : 80oz
Reasons to buy
+Long lasting filter+Electronic filter indicator+Easy to clean+Sleek design
Reasons to avoid
-Pitcher a bit small for families

Long lasting filter

If you don’t enjoy the hassle of often changing filters, this pitcher comes with an impressive, long life filter. Lasting for six months, this is four-times longer than other filter brands. This is also cost-effective, saving you money in the long-term.

Electronic filter indicator

A convenient feature located on the lid lets you know when the filter is due to be replaced. This way there’s no guesswork, and you’ll still be getting great-tasting water.

Brita water bottle

(Image credit: Brita)


Best for keeping water cold: if you want ice-cold water during a long commute or in the car, this is ideal for you

Type of filter: : Water bottle
What it filters: : reduces chlorine, and more
Colors available: : 9
Capacity: : 20oz
Reasons to buy
+Keeps water cold all day+Attractive stainless steel+Can fit into any cup holder
Reasons to avoid
-Costly-Straw is bigger than most

When you’re out and about, your water is likely to lose its cool throughout the day. This filter water bottle is ideal for keeping your water at an ice cold temperature much longer.  Here's why we love it:

Keeps water cold for up to 24 hours

Nobody enjoys the taste of ice-cold water turning tepid. This water bottle is designed with a double wall insulation that keeps water cold all day. This is perfect for when you’re constantly on the move, or on a hot summer’s day.

Easy to use when you’re on the move

This features a one-handed push button lid which is handy for when you’re commuting or in the car. Bear in mind, the straw is bigger than other brands. 

PUR water pitcher

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Best for everyday use: an all-round, convenient water filter that does a great job. Best of all, it comes at such an affordable price. Here's why we love it:

Type of filter: : Water pitcher
What it filters:: removes mercury, chlorine, copper, certain industrial pollutants and certain pharmaceuticals
Colors available: : 1
Capacity: : 56oz
Reasons to buy
+Fast flow pitcher+Compact to easily fit in the fridge+Easy to use+Good price
Reasons to avoid
-Not dishwasher safe-Plastic lid not as durable as other models

If you’re after an all-round, water filter that purifies fast, delivers great taste, and can easily fit inside the fridge, this PUR water pitcher and filter does it all. Here's why we love it:

Faster flow pitcher

For many pitchers, it can take a long time for the water to filter through. However, this model features a faster flow which makes refilling quick and easy.  


If you want great tasting, filtered water but don’t want to pay a premium, the PUR Water Pitcher and Filter offers great value for money.  For just under $25, this gives you everything you would need.  


When deciding on a water filter to suit your needs, there are things to consider before buying. Since water filters vary in function, size and shape, you’ll need to make sure you get the most value out of it. These include: 

Type of water filter

Not all filters remove the same contaminants, so it’s important to know the right type of filter for your water source. For those living in hard-water or environmentally-challenged areas, you may need a more high-spec filter. Also, consider the size of the filter. Do you prefer a countertop model so your water is literally ‘on tap’? Or do you want a pitcher that is easy to use, portable and can fit in your fridge? 

How often you need to change the filter

Every filter has different replacement times to ensure the quality of water. Some pitcher cartridges need changing every four weeks, while others up to six months. Faucet-mounted filters are usually replaced every two to three months. 


With all of these in mind, if you want the best water filter with good filtration, provides great tasting water, and reasonably priced, we would recommend the PUR water pitcher and filter. Not only does it have a convenient, faster flow, but it can fit nicely into the fridge for a chilled glass. Best of all, it also comes at a great price.