The 12 Best Gray Bedding Sets - For Bedrooms That Are Instantly Soothing

The Livingetc editors have chosen the 12 best gray bedding sets from their favorite bedding stores - sheets and covers which create restful schemes

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The best gray bedding sets take a very stylish stance on the middle ground between white and black. They can be a wonderfully sophisticated option for your interior. Gray is also a team player, it can be a solid foundation for you to introduce bold prints or colorful accents without the worry of clashing. Along with solid blocks of gray color, you can choose to bring gray into your bedding with florals and geometrics. 

To give you some inspiration, we've found the best bedding sets that hover around a gray palette, from the best home decor stores. Done well, this is a color that enhances the most relaxing bedroom schemes, creating a bed you can't wait to sink into. 

Gray Patterned Bedding Sets

Gray Cotton Bedding Sets

Gray Plain Bedding Sets

Gray Contemporary Bedding Sets

What color bedding goes with gray sheets?

Gray is a really adaptable color that works with a variety of shades and the same applies to bedding and sheets. Considering colors that are often paired with grey would be a great way to start your palette. This includes pink, white, green, and blue. Opting for variations of these tones that match the tonal temperature of your gray sheets is an easy way to ensure everything looks cohesive. "I would opt for a crisp white to offset the grey. Alternatively, a steel-blue would also look very chic," says Sydney-based interior designer, Caitlin Parker of Parker Studio. Taking Parker's advice, you can opt for white as a fail-safe option when it comes to matching with gray sheets but don't be afraid to experiment a little, even if its with your choice of shams and pillows.

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