Best Bouclé Benches — Editor Picks From Just $120

The best bouclé benches are both modern and familiar, comforting and sociable, smart and relaxed. Our editor Pip Rich picks the most style-forward ones for your home

white boucle bench against a limewash gray wall
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Bouclé benches are big news, with searches for them up nearly 3000%. And this was the exact trend I was expecting to hit in January 2024, it just makes perfect sense to me for where we are in design right now.

You see, daybeds - and benches - have been bubbling up as interior design trend for the past six months. 'I love them because they're double sided,' says LA-based designer and author Jake Arnold, he of having-done-Chrissy-Tiegen's-house fame. 'You can sit on one and part of you can face the sofa in one direction, the other part can face the dining table - it’s so sociable. They also help to create a more intimate space as their backless nature means they doesn’t cause any sense of separation,' Jake adds. 'The back of a sofa creates too much of a zone in the middle of a space.'

Meanwhile, bouclé continues to be the most covetable material, with the big design houses in Milan still treating it as their go-to for liveable luxe. 'I think bouclé gives us a safe and inviting feeling playing with our subconscious and bringing us back to the times we were children and had our cuddly toys,' says the interior designer Olga Ashby, whose signature minimaluxe spaces often feature it. 'I’m so very happy that on the market today there are multiple different bouclé textures for every taste and budget as well as almost unlimited amount of colors - this has enormously extended the trend which was suppose to die after couple of years.'

So, bouclé benches are where the two most prominent ideas in decor meet - sociable and comforting. I've trawled the best home decor stores to find the ones that will give you this vibe, including a couple of pretty decent January furniture deals, too.

The best white bouclé benches

The best white bouclé and wood benches

The best colored bouclé benches

Are bouclé benches a practical choice?

Yes - bouclé benches are an extremely practical choice, even in white. Most boucle is stain resistant, meaning that if and when marks happen they can easily be smudged off with a damp cloth. But even better than that, boucle is a hardwearing fabric which even pets have a harder time destroying that most. The designer Olga Ashby has just specified a lot of bouclé for a project she is finishing in which the homeowner has three cats, knowing that even that number of claws won't pull it to pieces.

If you're worried about bouclé benches getting dirty than keep them out of entryways - a popular positioning choice - to avoid people taking off their muddy boots on them. But really, as far as fabrics go, bouclé is one of the more practical and most forgiving options you can buy, also being used on many of the best storage ottomans if you want to double up on function.

Pip Rich

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