"This Style is an Easy Way to Make Your Bedroom Feel Relaxed" — 12 of the Best Bohemian Bedding Sets

Bring pattern and color to a bedroom with easy by embracing these style bohemian bedding sets

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Bohemian style is characterized by a rejection of the rigid and structured in favor of the free-spirited, creative, and eclectic. Visually, bohemian style brings together colorful as well as neutral tones. With its Persian-inspired prints and abstract lines, a bit of boho can be great for your bed. You can create a laid-back and welcoming scheme with the right boho bedding.

To help you get started, we’ve looked through the best home décor stores to find the very best bedding sets with a bohemian vibe. From minimal whites to colorful and eye-catching geometrics, this list includes our favorite finds. For more bedding inspiration, discover our best bedding feature. Alongside an in-depth look at the basics of bedding, it offers the insight of interior designers as well as the Livingetc team's top picks.

1. Bohemian White Bedding

2. Bohemian Colorful Bedding

3. Bohemian Cotton Bedding

4. Bohemian Geometric Bedding

How to make your bedroom a Bohemian Oasis?

The best place to start when designing your bohemian bedroom is to create a color palette to guide you in the design process. This will help create a cohesive scheme that feels welcoming instead of overwhelming. Choose iconic bohemian prints and patterns to complement natural and organic materials like wicker, wool, and leather.

'Choose bedding with natural tones and layer with pillows and throws of beige and white. Pair with accessories such as wicker baskets,' says international interior designer, Greg Natale. Modern bohemian design tends to be on the warmer side so choosing colors like terracotta, vanilla, and gold is also a great way to bring bohemian style into your bedroom whilst keeping things calm and neutral.

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