What are the best white sheets? Our top picks for classic, elegant bedrooms

Shop the best white sheets for a bed that has a hotel-style feel and that always feels fresh

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White sheets are considered by some to be the only color for bedding. The light and reflective nature of white makes it a natural choice for bedding, it can cover the expanse of your bed without weighing down the rest of the room. Hotels around the globe also almost exclusively opt for white when it comes to their bedding, allowing you to create a crisp and inviting bed to take center stage. 

How do you distinguish between all of the numerous white sheets available to find the best bedding sets?  We’ve searched and scoured the best home décor stores to assemble an exclusive list of our favorites. For those still getting to grips with bedding or looking for more inspiration, take a look at our best bedding feature for advice from interior designers and our favorite finds.

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4. Best silk white sheets

What is the best bedding material for a white bed?

A white bed is a timeless classic, it brings to mind the world’s finest hotels and projects from the rooms created by interior designers. When choosing your bedding material, natural materials share white’s appetite for elegance. When asked about her choice, German interior designer, Constanze Ladner had this to say. 'Either 100% linen or 100% cotton,' reveals Constanze.

In terms of color or style, it is best to lean into your personal preferences to ensure you are happy to see your bedding every day. Blues, navies, and whites are a natural pairing, but you can also go for neutral tones for a more organic appeal. When selecting your material, also consider the thread count of your fabric and the origin of your fabric, Belgian flax linen and Egyptian cotton are the best in class. Go above 300 for your thread count to ensure your material is durable, soft, and long-lasting.  

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