This Clever $8 Organizer is my Pick for a Better Organized Fridge — "It Practically Doubles Your Space"

This clever buy is a simple way to zone your fridge and make your groceries more stackable

an organized fridge with storage drawers and dividers
(Image credit: Joseph Joseph)

Is there ever enough space in the fridge to store bottles? Whether you like to pop a few white wines in your refrigerator before guests come round, or like to stay stocked up on bottled water, once you've filled your fridge door, storing bottles can be a little on the tricky side. After all, when you try to stack them up, they just roll around, meaning your options are them taking over whole shelves, or having to squeeze them awkwardly into drawers.

Of course, there's a solution to this in the form of the right fridge organizer. However, while you might expect me to recommend a bottle rack, I think these actually take up too much space in your fridge, and they're not as versatile as you might think.

Instead, I've found a genius organizing idea in the form of an "fridge shelf divider" — here's where to find them, and how to use them to solve your fridge storage problems.

How to use a divider to organize your fridge

an organized fridge with storage drawers and dividers

(Image credit: Joseph Joseph)

You'll find a few different styles of fridge shelf dividers on the internet, but my favorite is this Joseph Joseph FridgeStore Under-Shelf Storage Drawer, which you can find on Amazon. When it comes to how to organize a fridge, it works well because it's a great height to put between shelves, and it's strong enough to work with bottles as it has a clever suction cup attachment to secure it to the shelf.

'The FridgeStore Shelf Divider is designed to optimize fridge space for better organization,' Richard Joseph, co-founder and CEO of Joseph Joseph told me about the design. 'Simple to install and secure firmly to your shelf via two suction cups, it’s the perfect solution to create a neat space for safely stacking cans and bottles, opposed to having loose items rolling around on opening the door.'

'People report having double the fridge space, as Shelf Dividers enable them to organize and stack their produce, whilst preventing cross contamination between food groups,' Joseph adds. 'They also tell us how useful they are in communal fridges and for organizing kitchen cupboards.'

I can see how this organizer would help keep my fridge better organized, without my produce tumbling like a Jenga tower every time I try to take something out.

What else can I buy to organize my fridge?

an organized fridge with storage drawers and dividers

(Image credit: Joseph Joseph)

If the fridge shelf divider isn't the organizer for you, then there are plenty out there that might be. 'Organizing is not a one-size-fits-all system,' Baltimore-based professional organizer Di Ter Avest told us. 'You need to know which systems work for you and your family. As much as I love looking at those beautifully organized pictures on social media, functionality is always more important.'

Try these other organizers for size, and find the one that suits the demands of your fridge.

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