Experts say These 5 Plants and Trees can Increase the Value of Your Home

Looking to maximize your home's sale price? Find out which plants experts say can increase your home's value by up to 15%

Hydrangeas bordering path
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Is most of your screen time taken up browsing Zillow for your next dream yard? Then you’re in the right place.

Whether it’s an English cottage-inspired yard that’s caught your eye or a spectacular tropical landscape, one thing is sure: yards play a huge part in a home’s value.

Maximizing your current backyard’s planting will be crucial in getting the best price for your home, luckily the experts have revealed homebuyers' most sought-after plants and trees. From romantic shrubs to statement trees, it might just be worth investing in your yard's foliage before it hits the market!

1. Citrus Trees

Citrus plants do not need to be large to make an impact.

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Nothing is quite as satisfying as growing and harvesting your own citrus fruit. Whether it’s a basket of fresh lemons or classic Floridian oranges, expert Jen McDonald at Garden Girls says they are a top pick for homebuyers.

'Established citrus trees are like gold. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a lemon tree full of fruit,' says Jen.

'Home buyers often feel a bit sentimental and will tell a story or two about a citrus tree they remember from a childhood home. Sellers are sad to leave them behind.'

But if you want to attract buyers with citrus trees, you’ll have to know where and how to plant them. Citrus trees are of one of the best trees to grow in pots as they love warm climates and most won’t tolerate any harsh frosts come winter, making them ideal spots for gardening zones 8-11. However, if your garden is prone to winter frosts, don't worry! Potting smaller citrus trees and bringing them inside when the temperature drops can be a great compromise!

2. Thuja Green Giants

Row of Thuja Green Giant trees

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As well as enhancing a yard's aesthetics, plants and trees play a massive part in privacy. I mean we love our neighbors, but a little more privacy in our backyard is never a bad thing, right?

Turns out, privacy is a massive bonus for prospective buyers too, and Thuja Green Giants are expert Sydni D’Amico’s at Fast Growing Tree's favorite privacy pick.

She says 'Thuja Green Giants are some of the most sought-after trees by homebuyers. These trees are tall and evergreen, and add tremendous value to the residence by providing fast-growing privacy from neighbors.'

'Not only are they fast-growing, producing up to 5ft of growth per year, but they also have non-invasive root systems that will not damage house foundations or retaining walls, making them the perfect addition to the home landscape. Thuja Green Giants also have a long lifespan of up to 50-100 years in ideal growing conditions, so homeowners don’t have to worry about replacing trees in their landscape due to age,' says expert Sydni.

3. Hydrangeas

purple hydrageas

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Nothing says romance like an English countryside-inspired garden and if the Cottage-Core social media trend is anything to go by, you probably love it too

Plants like Hydrangea Annabelle are a popular choice in both traditional and more contemporary yards with their clean white flowers and fresh green leaves. Or, for vertical interest on shady walls and fences, climbing hydrangeas are a great pick.

Plant expert Deandra Hanke of Borst Landscape & Design says 'Hydrangeas are a perennial that comes in various colors. If someone is interested in an English garden aesthetic, this is a go-to. There’s no wrong way to go when it comes to the type of hydrangea. If we had to pick a fan favorite, the "Endless Summer" variety is very popular for color and serves as a great focal point in a bed.'

4. Palm Trees

christmas palm tree in a backyard

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Famous for decorating Beverly Hills' boulevards, palm trees are Cali icons. Plus. according to expert Jen, having one in your yard could give your house price a significant boost!

Jen says 'Palm trees can start around $10,000 depending on size, and when established, can add 10-15% to a home's value.'

If you’re lucky enough to have a palm tree in your yard, making sure it’s in the best health is a top priority.

Thankfully caring for palm trees is pretty simple, as long as you follow the three main rules: don’t prune them (apart from dead leaves that are at risk of falling), fertilize them once a year with a palm-tree-specific fertilizer, and don’t overwater them.

When applying the fertilizer, soak the area around the trunk well. A palm tree’s roots grow horizontally and spread out around the trunk, so make sure the ground is well-saturated for the fertilizer to reach the roots.

5. Oak Trees

oak tree leaves

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Oak trees have huge symbolic meanings across the world, and according to expert Jen, that’s what makes them one of the most sought-after trees for homebuyers.

'Live oak trees, when established, often sell homes in Houston, Texas and buyers will go out of their way to save and care for these century-old oaks,' says Jen.

But, these historic giants aren’t just symbols, they’re incredible for wildlife too! 'One live oak can do more for our pollinators than any other tree. It is the most important tree in the southern United States, in my opinion,' says plant expert Jen.

Though mature oaks can take centuries to grow, starting your own oak tree in a container can be a fun experience for the whole family, and one you can pass down through the generations. Simply plant ripe acorns in a small compost-filled container with good drainage, water it well and then leave it in a sunny position until it sprouts!

Matilda Bourne