5 ways to style IKEA's SÖDERHAMN sofa – be inspired by this Scandinavian staple

From a layered living room to a botanical sanctuary, this is how to accentuate the Nordic icon in your scheme

Soderhamn Sofa IKEA hack
(Image credit: Melissa Barratt)

With its distinct curves and neutral-hued palette, the soothing SÖDERHAMN sofa sits as the chicest IKEA staple to date. And while this piece is stylish enough to stand alone, we admit, the sofa looks best alongside the most fashionable interior design trends of the moment. 

From a Scandi-cool statement amongst a maximalist haven – to its place amid an Athena Calderone-inspired sanctuary, these are our five favorite IKEA hacks – that will turn your SÖDERHAMN into something beautifully unconventional. 

1. A maximlaist SÖDERHAMN


(Image credit: Melissa Lorene stylist)

We confess, the SÖDERHAMN itself is not traditionally maximalist, but its place amid the wider eclectic scheme is certainly noteworthy. Stylist Melissa Lorene has paired the sofa with patterned wallpaper with a curated selection of art, plants, and accessories – a modern home decor idea that interrupts the maximalist scheme – and offers a sense of balance. 

'If anything, my style is a mix of a Scandinavian and a vintage look,' says Melissa. 'I love to layer and build upon my pallet to curate and textured layered storytelling space. Mixing old with new is definitely my styling ascetics,' she adds. 

2. A harmonious SÖDERHAMN 


(Image credit: Melli)

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, Melli has designed her SÖDERHAMN to pay homage to minimalism – the aesthetic that is ever-so associable with the interior's powerhouse. 

'When it comes to styling, it is important to me that everything is harmonious and that the transitions flow smoothly into one another,' Melli explains. 'There are a few little accents here and there, depending on the season and mood. It should be bright and friendly, modern but cozy.' 

3. A SÖDERHAMN window seat 

IKEA Soderhamn Sofa designed like a window seat

(Image credit: Pia Overgaard)

The allure of a window seat has endured for centuries, but Pia Overgaard has embraced the feature – with a contemporary twist. And, as with all window seats, the SÖDERHAMN is the celebration of style and multifunctionality your home craves. 

'I was in search of a daybed to fit in front of the big window of our summer home – to mimic a window seat but with the flexibility to change if needed,' Pia shares.

'The standard Söderhamn metal legs did not fit in, so I exchanged these with wooden bed legs (that are also from IKEA. It was important for me to keep the color of the daybed neutral – it allows me to quickly change the look with accessories like pillows, sheepskin rugs, and blankets. It also works well with the wild grasses.'

4. A botanical SÖDERHAMN

Eeva Kristo IKEA hack surrounded by plants

(Image credit: Eeva Kristo)

House plants have slowly taken over design trends over recent seasons, but their organic appeal shows no signs of wavering. Therefore, it is only fitting that we take a leaf from Eeva Kristo's SÖDERHAMN design – and create a space to indulge in an interior jungle. 

'We needed an armchair, and this corner piece of Söderhamn was the best [for the job]. The legs did not match the brass color for us, and I have coated them with dc-fix plastic to white,' Eeva explains in the discussion of her interior design ideas. 

5. A layered SÖDERHAMN 

IKEA Soderhamn sofa with varying textiles

(Image credit: Ditte)

Perhaps the most simple yet no less impactful way to transform your SÖDERHAMN is through layering textiles – as demonstrated by Ditte in her Athena Calderone-inspired living space. She explains that she chose the sofa because of the light and airy feeling it gives to space – the perfect canvas for experimenting with chunkier knits and patterns.  

'I added texture to it by styling with pillows or throws. I love the clean lines of this sofa and the beige color of the cover; it suits my Nordic style and neutral palette perfectly,' Ditte adds. 

We've never felt more ready to invest in a new sofa piece. We'll see you in your nearest IKEA warehouse. 

Megan Slack

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