How to care for spider plants - experts explain how to make your plant look prettier, greener and healthier

Learn how to care for spider plants for an easy and trend-led addition to your indoor greenery line up

how to care for spider plants grouped together with decorative tiles
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Want to learn how to care for spider plants? The good news is that they're relatively easy to maintain while also being on-trend and aesthetically pleasing.

'Spider plants are a great place to start if you’re new to urban gardening,' says Richard Cheshire, Patch Plant Doctor.

'They’re super easy going when it comes to watering and light, they only need a drink when their soil is on the drier side, and will cope well anywhere away from harsh, direct sunlight.'

And they make a good looking addition to any decor scheme. Sprout Home comments: 'The spider plant has long slender green and white striped variegated leaves gracefully falling out of a pot - perfect as a hanging plant.'

While Whitney Bromberg Hawkings, co-founder of FLOWERBX, agrees that they're a great place to begin for anyone starting a houseplant collection, adding: 'Spider plants are the ultimate low-maintenance plant; made for busy lifestyles!'

As a popular houseplant staple, there are a few easy things you can do to help them thrive.

Discover these top experts tips on how to care for spider plants below.

How to care for spider plants

1. Throw it some shade

how to care for spider plants by keeping them in the shade

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Unlike a lot of other houseplants, spider plants do not crave a huge amount of direct light. 

'A sheltered spot with access to medium levels of sunlight is their perfect home,' advises FLOWERBX's Whitney Bromberg Hawkings. 

Sprout Home adds: 'Spider plants generally prefer part shade, regular potting mix and even moisture, slightly dry to the touch.' 

2. Be sparing when watering

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'Spider plants really do not need much attention,' says Whitney. 'In terms of watering, only do so when the top few inches of soil feel dry to touch. 

'A small amount of water every week or so should do the trick, with less needed during the colder months.'

She adds: 'Aside from watering, you may want to give your spider plant the occasional mist, or a dusting of its leaves next time you’re cleaning the house!'

3. Give it an extra boost with liquid fertilizer

Luckily for houseplant novices, spider plants need very little care. There is no need to prune or use fertilizers unless you wish to.

'If you would like to give your plant an extra boost, you can treat it to a dose of liquid fertiliser once a month during the summer season,' says Whitney.

Richard Cheshire agrees, adding: 'You can give your spider plant’s growth a boost by feeding it with liquid fertiliser once a month in spring and summer.'

4. Spread the spider plant love with propagation

how to care for spider plants by propagating them

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Looking to add to your houseplant collection? Spider plants are quite easy to propagate. 

Richard Cheshire, Patch Plant Doctor, says: 'A healthy spider plant will develop little plantlets on long stems. You can pinch these off and put them in compost to easily create new plants.'

Expanding further, FLOWERBX CEO Whitney Bloomberg Hawkings says: 'Simply seek out the new stems as they grow from your plant’s centre, as this is where your young plants will be formed. Cut the new plants off the original stem and pot them up in compost. Be sure to include some of the newly grown roots, too - these are the brown nodules attached to the base.'

And Sprout Home says you can create your own 'spider plant army', adding: 'Plantlets (or plant babies) are produced at the tip of the branches so you can basically develop an army of spider plants.  Sounds creepy, but it's not!'


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