‘Think hotel life!’ - This pro tip for organizing your bathroom will revolutionize how you use your space

This expert tip will completely change your mindset toward cosmetic clutter

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If you’re in a constant battle with bathroom clutter, you’re not alone. This part of the home can quickly become overrun with stuff, and no amount of product organizers can fix it. While a good amount of storage is important, you might not need as much as you’d think - hiding your stuff out of sight won't gain you extra space, after all. 

We tend to believe that ample storage is what we need to keep our bathrooms clutter-free, but filling up the space with cupboards, large containers, and shelves will actually make the bathroom appear smaller. That spa-like effect everyone is chasing will be a distant dream. To find a solution for solving our bathroom woes once and for all, I spoke to a home organizing expert and minimalist who has a trick up her sleeve and it's one that once applied will ensure our modern bathrooms stay clutter-free forevermore.

Adopt a hotel mentality

wood bathroom vanity with two shelves and gray marble worktop, dark green tiles, large window and oval mirror

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According to expert organizer Shira Gill, a beautifully organized bathroom space is all about adopting a hotel mentality. ‘The bathroom is such a big thing for me because I share a tiny one with my family that includes two teenage girls,' she says. 'Most bathrooms are heaped with 25 different products that were bought at random times that are all half used and they take up a ton of space.' 

So, how should we apply her advice to our space? ‘Think hotel life!' Shira says. 'Most people feel so much calmer when they’re at a hotel. There’s that sense of I just have what I need, and there’s not all this clutter in the way. When we’re in a hotel we don’t have 99% of our things with us, and yet we don’t feel we’re lacking anything.'

When it comes to small bathrooms, the secret to a beautiful space really is a simple as paring back on your belongings. 'At a hotel, you have one vessel for a good quality shampoo, conditioner, and body wash that everybody uses and it’s enough,' Shira continues. 'Adopt that mentality of a few good products that the whole family can use at home.' 

Minimalism is all about living well with less, and as Shira points out, investing in a few really nice products is far more favorable than being overrun with lots of cosmetics you don't use. she says. Having less stuff around, the things you actually need and use, stored in beautiful containers just like in a hotel-style bathroom, will create a much more calming environment that looks and feels organized.

Be smart about how you set up your bathroom 

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Now this is how you get from A to B - your current bathroom situation, to a hotel-like one. ‘Be really smart about how you set up your bathroom especially if you have limited space like me,’ advises Shira. ‘We have two drawers for our entire family so it’s daily use items only. Your toothbrush, paste, floss, but not 45 different lotions and potions you bought in a lifetime. Those can either be discarded or like in our case we keep backup products in our linen closet.' 

To keep items to a minimum, Shira suggests setting a boundary that the bathroom is really just for things that you use on a daily basis. 'Invest in fewer, but better products and use what you have before you replace or buy new ones,’ she advises. Adopting this mentality to what you store in your space will automatically help you achieve a more organized bathroom. Having a clutter-free bathroom with a hotel-like feel can really be as simple as that. 

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