The BEKVÄM Spice Shelf is one of IKEA's Most-Loved Kitchen Buys — Here are 3 Alternative Ways to Use it in the Home

The simple Scandi design of this spice shelf gives it a versatility like no other

A kitchen with two wooden spice racks mounted on the walls
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The simplicity of IKEA's Scandi designs is one of the myriad reasons the Swedish homeware brand is so universally loved. With that simplicity comes versatility, opening doors for alternative ways to use their staple products within the home other than intended, and the BEKVÄM is perhaps the ultimate example. 

If you're looking for a utensil that represents the perfect harmony between form and function, this wooden spice rack is it. A staple kitchen item from everyone's favorite Scandi brand, this wall-mounted spice organizer clears space on your countertop and in your cabinet by conveniently making use of vertical space instead. 

However, if you're more creative-minded, the BEKVÄM needn't simply be reserved for your favorite spices and dried herbs. 'The Bekvam is irresistible,' says professional organizer Melissa Gugni. 'It comes at a great price, looks adorable, and it's so full of possibilities! I used to have a few in my son's room for his baby books.'
Across social media, creative homeowners are inspiring us with other alternative uses for IKEA's most popular spice storage which, while simple, could completely change the way you use your modern kitchen. Here are three to know about. 

1. Cutting board storage 

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These nifty ideas come courtesy of content creator Chris-Ann (@cahjahoriedeco), who shares her home decor tips across Instagram and TikTok. The first use that's caught our eye is repurposing the BEKVÄM as a genius holder for your chopping boards. By fixing the spice shelf to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door, Chris-Ann creates a discreet storage spot to stack her two chopping boards out of sight. 

'The BEKVÄM makes a great shelf for behind the door so items don't fall off, but tall items may not work great in this regard,' notes Ben Soreff from House to Home Organizing. Melissa Gugni agrees. 'It looks like they have "hacked" the Bekvams so that they are stacked, which is a good idea,' she says. 'Using only one wouldn't work for boards since they would fall out of the top.'  

'The only thing I would point out is that it will add to the depth of the cabinet's contents clearance,' Melissa adds. 'Make sure you measure first to ensure that your trash can or whatever is in the cabinet will still fit when the door is closed.' 

2. Coffee or tea organization 

Samuel Iron & Wood Hook Wall Shelf

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A small shelf like the BEKVÄM might not be the best way to organize spices if you have a large collection, so why not use it to store alternative food staples instead? As Chris-Ann shows in her video, this little shelf lends itself well to a hot drinks station within your kitchen, offering the perfect spot for small jars of sugar, coffee, or tea. 

While Chris-Ann tucks her BEKVÄM away inside a cabinet, Melissa suggests mounting it to a wall instead if you want to use it for this purpose. 'BEKVÄMs are made of wood and are heavy,' she says. 'If I wanted to set up a pull-out bin for those supplies in a cabinet, I would use something more lightweight like plastic to make it easy to take in and out. This looks cumbersome to me. Bekvams are better when hung for a stationary purpose.'

3. Magazine holder

Lastly, Chris-Ann shows how well this wooden shelf works for the likes of books and magazines, perfect for placing next to a desk in a home office. When mounted to a wall, you can stack a few books with the front cover facing you for a decorative display, alongside a small vase or jar. Chris-Ann has even given her BEKVÄM a lick of dark brown paint which instantly makes it look more expensive. 

'This is what Bekvams are great for,' says Melissa. 'Although, I will note that this is more of a decorative choice over function. It's super cute but not exactly going to organize a large amount of books or magazines.' 

Ben also reminds us to consider our organizing needs before being tempted by these kinds of repurposing ideas which, while clever, we don't necessarily need. 'With organizing we really want the stuff to tell it where to live and so quantity comes first and then we find the best storage solution.,' he says. 'We want to put items where they belong not where they fit.' 

If, however, you're looking for some clever storage solutions suitable for small-space living, you can't go far wrong with these ideas, especially when a shelf will only set you back $6.99!


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