Why go for plain when you can have some pizzazz? For upholstery fabrics with attitude, look no further than the current offerings.


Hark back to a bygone era of unbridled decadence with the Lost Horizon collection from Prestigious Textiles. Part Oriental Express with a dash of The Greeat Gatsby, its sumptuous velvets are digitally printed with painted landscapes of cranes and willow trees tied together with diamond embroideries and a selection of plain linens in hues of Nutmeg, Oxblood and Sapphire. Now just to find a chaise longue..

Geisha in Clay Pot cotton mix, £110.99m,


Hear phrases such as Mythical Land, Over the Moon and Travellers Tales and you’d be forgiven for thinking we were referring to a fantasy saga series rather than a collection of fabrics (and wallpapers). Such is the imaginative quality of Kit Kemp and Andrew Martin’s latest collaborative efforts, which started when Kit Kemp stumbled upon tapestries from the 15th and 16h centuries, with mythical creatures hiding under hedgerows and behind leaves. The duo wanted to give the designs new life in a contemporary world, so the collection comprises motifs printed and woven onto linen, viscose and cotton to create a world filled with unicons, mystical birds and orange-hued sunsets. Sublime.

Headboard in Friendly folk viscose-mix in Melon Orange, £50m,


As backstories go, the latest from A Rum Fellow has potential blockbuster written all over it. Starting with the recent discovery of a forgotten kingdom beneath the Guatemalan jungle, the brand’s Izapa collection of brocade fabrics, cushions and artisan rugs mimics the network of stepped, geometric structures lying deep beneath the vast tree canopy. Pretty epic. huh? Elsewhere, its 100% cotton Palopo Ruffle fabric has been created entirely by hand on a treadle loom by master weavers. We look forward to the sequels..

Sofa upholstered in Palopo Ruffle 100% cotton fabric, £275m, and Polopo cushions, from £185, Izapa rug, £1,655,


Park the Thurloe in your living room and suddenly you’ve got a sofa that promises never to sink into the background. The design is one of three pieces from a collaboration between Sofa Workshop and the V&A, each featuring upholstery prints plucked from the museum’s archives. Splashed across seating that takes its cue from 19th century furniture, the prints look surprisingly modern.

Thurloe sofa covered in Love Birds Saffron, £2,999, Sofa Workshop x V&A,


The must-have print of the season? ‘Conversationals’ as coined by Linwood and exemplified in its Omega collection. How to get the dialogue going? Take one of its high-performance super-soft Italian velvets splattered with florals and geometrics spanning 16 styles from classic to contemporary and in 50 colourways and ta-dah! Watch tongues wag.

Sofa upholstered in On the River in LF2096FR/4, £69.90m,    

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