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Move over marble, hard surfaces these days are all about Terrazzo. We’re rather taken with the Venice Villa collection from Iris Ceramica which nails the trend brilliantly. Designed to resemble the popular chipped marble and stone composite flooring, ‘Venice Villa’ is in fact a range of porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles. Easy to lay and even easier to maintain than the original material, it’s possible to bring the luxurious look and feel of an Italian palazzo to your pad, without the hassle of the upkeep.

Venice Villa in silver.

The Venice Villa collection is available in four sizes (cm): 120×60, 60×60, 60×30, 20×20 + special pieces, so it’s great for furnishing both small and large spaces.

Venice Villa in coral.

It’s not limited to kitchens or bathrooms either. We may not have a balmy Venetian climate but teamed with a roaring fire and tactile soft furnishings, the tiles look beautiful and work well in living areas too. On a porcelain floor, red wine spillages or muddy footprints are swiftly and easily dealt with, with no lasting effects.

Venice Villa in grey and earth.

Walls look gorgeous given the terrazzo treatment too and it’s obviously perfectly suited to areas where water splashes are likely, such as near baths, showers or basins.

Venice Villa in zinc.

There is a myriad of colours in the collection: from delicate shades like Ivory, Silver, Zinc, White and Beige, to stronger tones such as Graphite, Earth and Grey. These are joined by five exclusive shades: Green, Pink, Coral, Yellow and Blue – offering a modern interpretation of the original material and making it simple to coordinate different surfaces and room schemes.

There are also three different finishes: natural, polished and structured, highlighting the versatile nature of these tiles.
Available from £60.76 per square metre, at Via Arkadia (UK), 3-19/20 Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, London, SW10 0XE.

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