bring noma’s natural style to your dining space

Furniture designed for the super-cool Copenhagen restaurant is now available to buy..

Originally designed for the famous, two-Michelin starred restaurant ‘noma’ in Copenhagen by Studio David Thulstrup, the beautiful ARV Series from Brdr. Krüger. (and future Danish design classic) is now available in the UK from online retailer,

ARV dining chair with armrests, in noma.

When noma head chef and founder René Redzepi decided to re-locate the famed restaurant to its new location, he called upon David Thulstrup and Brdr. Krüger to create a bespoke collection of furniture to complement the spirit of the new noma space.

Together, Brdr. Krüger and Thulstrup created a series of dining furniture that reflects noma’s close connection to nature through natural materials and curved forms to embody the rustic beauty and character of the restaurant.

ARV dining chair with armrests , in noma.

With more than 130-years of history specialising in woodwork, Brdr. Krüger’s skilled and experienced team combined traditional craft techniques with modern technology. The ARV series is a union of high-precision CNC milling, handmade joinery, and the skills of Brdr. Krüger’s team of craftspeople.

ARV dining chairs and round ARV dining table.

Beneath the ARV chair’s seemingly simple aesthetic lies a multitude of difficult design details that push the conventional limits of craftsmanship.

ARV dining chair without armrests.

The central design feature is a highly complex ‘branch’ formation that seamlessly connects the different parts – like branches growing from a tree trunk.

ARV dining chair without armrests.

The ARV table, which is available in both a round and square form, follows suit and shares the same branch detailing in the joinery.

ARV dining table rectangular.

To create a coherent collection, Studio David Thulstrup and Brdr. Krüger worked to ensure that the armrest of the chair slides perfectly under the tabletop, ensuring comfort and harmony across the ARV series.

The ARV Dining Chair is available both with and without armrests, pricing starts at £1336. Pricing for the ARV Dining Table starts at £3311, available at

Tempted by the simple yet sophisticated style of the restaurant? See René Redpzepi’s beautifully rustic home here.

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