This Revolutionary Bed Has You Floating To Sleep In Mid-Air

Float to sleep with a wall-mounted bed that seemingly floats in mid air

Ever slept in a bed so comfy it felt like you were floating?

Well, now there's a bed that takes this idea to the next level, allowing you to literally float in mid air.


Mastering the art of levitation, And So To Bed's just-launched Leviosa design – a nod to the levitation spell from Harry Potter – hovers a few feet (or any distance the buyer wishes) above the ground, giving customers the ultimate experience of feeling like they’re floating.

The revolutionary design is the brainchild of Craig Phillips, who perfected this bed with cutting-edge engineering technology alongside intelligent, contemporary design.

The clever, super strong design allows the suspended bed to be installed within most living spaces, fixable to timber frame walls as well as brick or block walls.

And if drifting off to sleep mid-air isn’t enough, homeowners can create the perfect ambience with under bed LED lighting in an endless array of colours (there are a mind boggling 16 million to choose from).


The design is also fully customisable so you can create bespoke headboards in any colour, fabric or design to suit your scheme. The bed also comes with two floating bedside drawers and two magnetic phone chargers.

The Leviosa is made using 100% British recycled aluminium, and is available in 5ft and 6ft design. All bed supports have a 10-year guarantee for up to 750kg (1650lbs) and take just two days to build. It can be installed at any height from the ground and made to fit any size mattress. A bespoke survey and installation service are also available.

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The new design is sure to make a whopping style statement in any bedroom.

Are you ready to challenge the force of gravity?

Leviosa is currently on show in And So To Bed’s flagship London Kings Road showroom, and starts at £10,150. Available from

Lotte Brouwer

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