Farrow & Ball’s Latest Wallpaper Collection

Florals aren't going anywhere this season. At least, not if Farrow & Ball has anything to say about it.

Texture and maximalism are at the forefront of the design of Farrow & Ball’s latest wallpaper collection, their contemporary twist on the classic floral motif fitting the modern floral trend perfectly.

Their latest take on florals moves away from chintzy, ditsy prints and instead offers a more grown-up, contemporary look that’s anything but stuffy. Fuss-free and flowing, the three new designs are as versatile as they are beautiful, working not only on feature walls, but also as a joyful pop of pattern in an alcove or niche, around a fireplace or as an inspiring wraparound look.

Atacama is £86 per roll from Farrow & Ball

The three designs each boast a bold revival of a traditional scheme and play with scale, texture and pattern.

Designed with a subtle trellis structure, Hegemone is effortlessly elegant, with tumbling, delicate clusters of petals and leaves. Taking its name from the Greek goddess of fruit and flowers, Hegemone is less rigid and defined than a classic floral pattern and takes its stylistic lead from papercut patterns.

Hegemone, £97 per roll from Farrow & Ball

Meanwhile, channelling an understated botanical aesthetic, Atacama is named after the flowering South American desert and is a lighter, more playful floral with a tropical feel. Inspired by a brightly coloured fabric found in an old mill, it features an eruption of plant life and exotic blooms.

Atacama is £86 per roll from Farrow & Ball

Our favourite is Helleborus, the largest motif of the three, which explores maximalism and celebrates natural beauty and organic shape. First drawn with a pipette for a sense of unrestrained fluidity, each petal looks as if it is unfurling from the wall. The oversized design is an easy way to bring sumptuous curves and a dash of drama to a scheme.

Helleborus is £112 per roll from Farrow & Ball

This dazzling greenhouse of flora comes in a sophisticated palette of neutrals with splashes of deep, rich colour. Handcrafted and block-printed, they come in seven colourways – from soft pastels to sophisticated neutrals and stronger combos of richer hues. All work seamlessly with paint colours in the F&B range. Hegemone is £97 per roll, Atacama is £86 per roll, and Helleborus is £112 per roll.

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