Abigail Ahern shares her tips for creating the perfect kitchen

As the famed designer teams up with Herringbone Kitchens to launch a new collection, she shares some invaluable planning advice

Designing your ideal kitchen is not as easy as it may seem. From cabinetry to colour combinations, there is a lot to take into consideration so it is always worth taking on some expert advice from those in the know.

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Interior designer Abigail Ahern, founder of her eponymous brand and renowned for her dark, glamorous and textured aesthetic, has recently joined forces with Herringbone Kitchens to create a new, affordable collection.

Here, Abigail gives a tour of her own kitchen and reveals her secrets to having an impactful space filled with character…


'For me it is all about beautifully designed cabinetry,' says Abigail. 'I like a modern look yet classic feel – with sleek, flat-front units in dramatic hues that bring out personality and unique styles.'

'With my own kitchen cabinets, it was hugely important for me to partner with a company like Herringbone Kitchens, where craftsmanship is key and materials well considered.'

'All its woods are sourced from sustainable managed forests and a tree is planted for every kitchen sold.'

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'It’s important to have a kitchen that seamlessly and beautifully integrated with the rest of your space,' explains Abigail. 'Often in open-plan areas, the kitchen does not gel, which can make it a less-than-relaxing space.'

'In my kitchen, I’ve echoed the colour palette, materials and lines with the rest of my space so when you transition through from living to dining to kitchen nothing jars, everything flows.

'Storage is important, but in open-plan areas, the more open storage you have, the better. The eye is then automatically more interested and intrigued.'

'In my kitchen, I still needed to hide all the "ugly stuff" like my blender and mixer, so more cabinetry on the island and a pantry was my saviour. We made a few changes, too, as we extended the island giving me more cabinetry, ripped out the wall cabinets and installed a long shelf above the cabinetry.'

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'I've mixed dark black, deeply textured quartz countertops with beautiful cabinetry made from tulip wood and MDF, and painted out in the most intoxicating of hues.'

'The colour I've used is Pickle from my own range. It's soft, earthy and warm, a burnt, caramalised sort of toffee hue which looks so beautiful in kitchens, especially when partnered with black. It literally elevates everything it touches and I’ve done my signature "carry it onto the walls and ceilings" trick, so it feels super luxurious.'


'I wanted a kitchen that was timeless with a mix of finishes that have been around for ages and will continue to be around for ages.'

'I know that when I stand in this kitchen in 10 years’ time, it won’t have dated and every decision, I’ve made I will still love a decade from now. Adding some solid brass handles, open shelving and a pantry made it come to life.'


'A sure-fire way of creating the perfect kitchen is to start introducing items that you would find in other rooms of the house,' says Abigail. 'That way the kitchen feels far more collected than clinical.

'Vintage rugs, stoneware pottery, beautiful table lamps and other collected items results in a warm and welcoming kitchen that harmonises, blends and seamlessly sits alongside other rooms of the house.'

'I’ve added a beautiful collection of cutting boards, gathered blooms and a mix of vintage and modern ceramics that adds personal style to this space.'

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Abigail Ahern x Herringbone Kitchensstart from £5,000

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