7 of the best smart home helpers

Fed up with spending all your free time doing the housework? Save some energy with a helping hand from these lastest hi-tech appliances.

No need to stress about the waking up on time to do the vacuuming, the mopping, or even the lawn. From voice-activated wake-up calls to automatic mops, sit back and let these home helpers take the strain.


Can’t be bothered to reach over and set your alarm? The new iC1 mini is an Alexa-enabled alarm clock that you can set using your voice – no more fiddling about trying to change the time. It also has a USB charging port so you can charge your phone at the same time.

iC1 mini, $29, Kickstarter



Dust balls hiding in corners? Pet hair in the rug? Put your feet up and let a robot vacuum cleaner suck everything up while you kick back or get out of the house. You can set it on a timer to clean while you’re out, and with super strong suction power it reliably finds every nook and cranny, guzzling up every speck of dust and strand of hair in its wake. And don’t worry – this robot can recognise furniture, obstacles and even stairs to avoid collisions or falls.

Scout RX1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, £500, Miele


One of the most raved about lawnmowers, Viking’s iMow ticks a lot of boxes. It’s powered by Lithium-Ion battery technology so there are no emissions or fumes to worry about, it’s energy saving, can handle 45% inclines with ease and functions in the rain too, it’s built to be quiet, and it even acts as a fertiliser by shredding the grass clippings very finely (town as mulching) – also meaning there are no grass clippings to collect and dispose of. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.

iMow, prices start from £999, from Viking


Cleaning robots aren’t just for vacuuming, they mop too. The Braava Jet® Mopping Robot from iRobot has three cleaning modes; wet mopping, damp sweeping and dry vacuuming. Just fill the water reservoir, attach a cleaning pad and press clean.

IRobot 240 Braava Jet Robot Vacuum Cleaner, £249.99 from iRobot


Perfect for maintaining lawns up to 1000m2 in size, the Robomow will take care of the lawn so you can spend more time tending to the weeds and the flower beds. With built-in advanced technology it can seamlessly navigate around, it has a turbo setting for super speedy grass cutting (perfect for last-minute BBQs and summer entertaining), and it’s battery operated and therefore fume-free. A clever built-in anti-theft pin code and alarm system helps keep jealous friends and neighbours at bay.

RC304U Robotic Electric Lawnmower, £999, Robomow at John Lewis


Known for it’s super suction abilities (it claims to have up to 60 times more powerful suction than other vacuum cleaners), it’s strong centrifugal force which separates dirt, dust and debris, it’s onboard digital camera that helps it map out the most efficient cleaning path, and it’s Auto-Charge function that makes it automatically charge itself when the battery gets low, before resuming cleaning, Samsung’s Powerbot has received rave reviews.

Powerbot VR9000 Vacuum Cleaner, £699.95, Samsung


Bosch’s latest Indego model has all the trimmings; time-saving, energy-saving and with a built-in mulching system (acts as a fertiliser), it operates all by itself, manoeuvres around obstacles autonomously and even goes back to charge on its own. Mowing your lawn doesn’t get any easier than this! Plus, it’s AUTO Calendar Function even suggests a schedule suited to your lawn size.

Indego 350 Robotic lawnmower, £799 from Bosch


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